20 Apr 2012

RYANAIR SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE 1.5 Million Grant.NO SCOTTISH JOBS....Prestwick Airport....Prestwich Aircraft Maintenance is it a SCAM?????

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm Scottish Enterprise have sent a reply to our last correspondence to them regarding a 1.5 Million training grant given to Ryanair in 2010.
Red words are their reply to our questions....

Dear Mr Foley

Please see SE's response to your further queries.  For ease of understanding these  have been embedded in RED in your original e mail.

yours sincerely

Imelda Molloy
Corporate Office

From: john foley [mailto:jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 26 March 2012 20:38
To: Karen Hannah
Subject: Ryanair Grant

Dear Karen Hannah,

Thank you for your email dated 20th February 2012.

My concerns mainly are with the 640,000 British Pounds which was paid to Ryanair Limited for the training of technical/mechanical/maintenance engineers.As stated in the final offer this training grant was given to Ryanair Limited over a period of time with training been given in the creation of 140 engineer jobs to which Scottish Enterprise  state is on target.

I must inform you that these engineers which are involved with this training grant are charged a training fee which is paid by themselves.Pilots,Cabin Crew and Engineers involved within Ryanair or a Ryanair subsidiary company all pay a training fee.

I do believe Ryanair Limited have been misleading Scottish Enterprise regarding this training grant and the creation of 140 job engineers are in place as a direct result of fees being paid by these 140 engineers themselves,as a result payment twice is being paid for this training.

Please note that the company has confirmed to SE that no individual is paying fees for training included in the training plan that forms part of the support package around training plus and linked to their contractual requirements.  Please note also that the breakdown of jobs being created by this project is not 140 engineers and is:

Deputy Hangar Manager
Quality Assurance Engineer
Check Supervisors
A&C Supervisors
Avionics Supervisors
Lead Mechanics


If Scottish Enterprise were aware of training fees being paid by the 140 engineer job applicants involved in this protect,would this training grant have been granted.

Not applicable - as no training fees being paid.    

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are asking the Scottish Enterprise/Scottish Government to please investigate the whole 1.5 million grant which was awarded to Ryanair Limited and Ryanair Holdings Plc as a way to create jobs in Scotland.

There is no reason to do so.   The funds allocated are subject to close monitoring both during and after the payment of the grant.  SE will require a report 2 years after the date of payment  of the final instalment and a further report 5 years after this date to check that the terms and conditions of the letter of offer have been maintained.   

I would also like to point out that no levels of Scottish jobs that have been created have been forwarded to either myself or Scottish Enterprise...

Please note that, as at 31/3/2012, I can confirm that the number of jobs so far created at the Prestwick PAM facility is 138.

A copy of this email will be posted on our blog and forwarded to the Scottish press.
Thank you for your time.

Kindest regards

John Foley

Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

John said,
As you can see i am making enquiries about Ryanair in Scotland..Message to Ryanair ''I will continue to do so''. Doomed to Fail ''Michael''.....

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