9 May 2012

Ryanair attendant injured after falling 3m from rear door of jet....RYANAIR MANAGEMENT CALL IT A MINOR INCIDENT,THEY NOT INTERESTED IN CREW SAFETY...Ryanair priorty is Profit and not the safety of crew members

Ryanairdontcare Campaign can confirm a young Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew member fell from the rear of a Boeing 737-800 at Gothenburg’s Saeve Airport in Sweden.This young crew member who was one of 4000 Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew members who are exploited on every flight.These Probationary Cabin Crew members are contracted through so called third party providers of Cabin Crew.
This young Probationary  Ryanair Cabin Crew Member would have been paid less than 20 euro for this flight from Gothenburg’s Saeve to Stansted and will have no welfare benefit which means no sickness payment will be received after this very sad accident....We must point out the reply from Ryanair is quite sickening “Ryanair operates over 1,500 flights per day and does not comment on minor incidents.”
How can falling from an aircraft onto a concrete floor at an airport be MINOR.
A message to Ryanair's Michael O'Leary, best wishes and wishing this crew member a full recovery would be in order.

Irish Times Article below
A Ryanair cabin crew member is recovering in hospital in Sweden after she fell about 3 meters (10ft) from an aircraft yesterday.
The incident, at Gothenburg’s Saeve Airport, happened at about 11am while the female attendant was standing at the rear door of the Boeing 737-800 which was preparing to depart for London’s Stansted airport.
Boarding of passengers had been completed and the mobile stairs had just been removed when the incident occurred.
It is understood the woman was closing the door when it was caught by a gust of wind and flew open. It is thought she may have been holding the door handle and was pulled from the aircraft.
Emergency services found the woman on the ground with a head injury. She is said to have been able to communicate with medics. She was taken to a local hospital but the extent of her injuries was not known last night. The flight continued to London after several hours but with only three flight attendants.
A Ryanair spokesman said: “Ryanair operates over 1,500 flights per day and does not comment on minor incidents.”


John said,
We all at Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish this probationary cabin crew member a full recovery and please make sure a full report is taken into this accident.If any friends from Sweden view this post can you please keep me informed at  ryanairdontcare@yahoo.co.uk .These Cabin Crew Member's who continued this flight would have suffered emontionally at seeing their work colleague getting injured but would have been made by Ryanair to continue to work...Ryanair priority is Profit and not the safety of crew members...
As you can see from the comment from Ryanair senior management, they do not care about crew one bit.
Shame on you O'Leary and Bonderman....
A fall from an aircraft can be fatal  http://www.todayszaman.com/news-277835-onur-air-pilot-dies-after-falling-onto-apron.html 


Anonymous said...

Time to boycott this airline.

Anonymous said...

ryanair not interested in crew safety