18 May 2012

RYANAIR PILOTS...Real Important PILOT....RYANAIR ABUSE FOR PROFIT..Paul Ridgard We Must Never Forget...RYANAIR Will....

 Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been informed that Ryanair were not mentioned with regards Trafford Coroners report into the passing away of a Real Important Pilot at Ryanair '' Mr Paul Ridgard''.
Greater Manchester Police carried out the investigation and pilots and friends were talked to.
We can confirm that employment issues were told to Greater Manchester Police which involve Ryanair;;
We must explain that Greater Manchester Police did investigation and the (CPS) Crown Prosecution Service  were aware of employment issues that could have been a major part of this investigation but the CPS thought
not to include or highlight at the inquest as to do so would have cost to much money and would not have guaranteed Ryanair to have been made accountable.,
In simply terms Ryanair employment abuse will continue towards Pilots and Cabin Crew which is very sad as the CPS are more interested in saving money...

John said,
Ryanair will continue to be targeted by Ryanairdontcare Campaign and i would hope others will follow...
We must respect the family of Mr Paul Ridgard and must never forget him...Pilots at Ryanair are fully aware of the information which we all saw and knowing Ryanair management, believe it to be true unless it can be proven otherwise.....The law of the land can be and is twisted by Ryanair to suit them and we can not rely on this law to prove how evil Ryanair are.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign's protests against Ryanair will continue and a message to David Bondeman and Michael O'Leary . ..........''Boycott Ryanair Will Be''.     ''Doomed To Fail''  

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