26 May 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been sent item below which shows Ryanair are VERY worried when it comes to unions action for Pilots or Cabin Crew at Ryanair......
Exploitation of a work force can not continue if union's are involved within the workforce.
Ryanair's profit from Exploitation of crew will continue unless Pilots and Cabin Crew start to help themselves first.......

This article below is from Ryanair's Michael O'Leary to Ryanair Pilots....

European Cockpit (Cockup) Assoc.
Welcomes Pay Cut for Ryanair Pilots –
The recent amendment of regulation 883/04 on social security which the European Cockup
Association (ECA) has pushed for many years, will now mean that some Ryanair Pilots may
suffer a take home pay cut, as a result of increased employee social insurance deductions which
will now be calculated in the country from where Pilots start and end their duty period, as
opposed to where their employer is registered.
The net effect of this ECA promoted change, will be to cut some Ryanair Pilots take home pay.
For example a Captain operating from Charleroi may now receive over €10,000 less net per
year as Belgian Social Insurance may now be deducted as opposed to much lower Irish Social
Insurance rates....Congratulations to the ECA on delivering more pay cuts in Pilots pay.
The real purpose of this change in legislation is nothing to do with social insurance (the social
insurance legislation has been working fine since 1970), but to protect ECA members in flag
carrier airlines who won’t be affected in the slightest by this change as the Lufthansa’s and Air
France’s of this world operate from one large base generally in their home country.
Existing Ryanair Pilots can avoid these pay cuts by continuing to lawfully pay social insurance in
Ireland, however the European Cock Up Association not content with cutting new joiners pay
are now unbelievably urging Ryanair Pilots (on their recent base visits) to opt out of Irish Social
Insurance onto local social security systems...... Turkeys voting for Christmas comes to mind.
Those Ryanair Pilots wishing to transfer bases will also be subject to these ECA imposed take
home pay cuts... so the next time Nico Voorbach, Martin Duffy, Terry Brandon etc from the
European Cockup Association turn up at your base ask them why the ECA “welcomes” these
cuts to your take home pay (by over €10,000) ......they’re the turkeys “welcoming” Christmas.
If you want to be a turkey and welcome a pay cut in your take home pay; talk to the European
Cockup Association...
The ECA, protecting Pilots ....just not Ryanair Pilots
22nd May 2012

John said,
Social Insurance Deduction are a part of life,weather you agree or not.
What Ryanair Pilots must remember ''Ryanair Put Shareholders FIRST Always''.
Safety on board,Cabin Crew,Pilots and Passengers never come before shareholders, ''David Bonderman Chief at Ryanair and his understudy Michael O'Leary'' are very big shareholders in Ryanair...Never a thought will come from Ryanair to Pilots or Cabin Crew, you are not Humans  to Ryanair, your just a number............................
Ryanair Management will use every trick they can to Scam you..Ryanair will use every PR Spin to trick you,all done for profit.....Join a union and stand up to Ryanair's Bullies ''NOW''.
Ryanair Pilots Must Never Forget a Real Important Pilot because Ryanair have......

Mr Paul Ridgard RIP...........

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join a union ryanair staff