10 Jun 2012



                          Mr Paul Ridgard 

JOHN LENNON AIRPORT 12th June till 16th June 2012.

Time  of release will be 5 minutes past 12 on 14th June 2012.

 which will be 15th June .....

12 Chinese lanterns  will be released from John Lennon Airport to remember 

Mr Paul Ridgard who was a Real Important Pilot at Ryanair who sadly passed 

away one year ago and should never be forgotten.


We ask Cabin Crew and Pilots at Ryanair to release a Chinese lantern the very same

time were ever you may be....Ryanair forgot Mr Paul Ridgard we can not...

Please write Paul Ridgard  R.I.P on your Chinese lantern and if possible take a

photo so we can post as many as we can on this blog...Please send photos to 

lfcheart@yahoo.co.uk  or  jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk

Safe flying.

Thanks to you all...  

John said,
I will be at John Lennon Airport from 4pm on Tuesday 12th June till 4pm on 16th June 2012.Four days and 4 nights and would hope John Lennon Airport would fecilitate this Chinese lantern release on 15th at 00.05 hours...
Information about Mr Paul Ridgard and donations can be sent here... http://www.repaweb.org/paul-ridgard-fund

Below is a reply from John Lennon Airport.

Dear Mr Foley,

Thank you for your feedback to the Liverpool John Lennon Airport website.

The Airport Company were sorry to hear of Mr Ridyard’s passing in 2011 and are happy for individuals to remember Mr Ridyard at the airport this year.  However, we would like to draw your attention to the following Safety Information in respect of the release of Chinese lanterns.

Safety First!!!
  • Used properly these lanterns should be safe yet full responsibility is borne by the user of the lantern.
  • Unsuitable for use by children under 16 years of age.
  • Must not be used under the influence of alcohol.
  • Use only in very calm wind conditions.
  • Product should not be used when wind speed is above 5mph.
  • Must be used over 5 miles from airports.
  • Do not use near dry crops or other materials that may catch fire.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby.
  • If the lanterns paper does catch fire extinguish & discard.
  • Only use in open spaces.
  • It is safer & easier for two people to launch one lantern at a time.

Therefore, we regret that the release of Chinese lanterns will not be permitted on or within 5 miles of the airport site.

Kind regards

Christina Smith
Customer Services Coordinator
Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Below is a reply from John Foley to John Lennon Airport.

Dear Christina Smith,

Thank you for your early reply to my request..In 2011 Liverpool Airport did allow the release of 12 Chinese lanterns which took place by the airport roundabout at 2.10am to 2.30am as no flights were landing or taking off at these times..
I would hope the same could take place again this year as Mr Ridgard was based at John Lennon Airport and not 5 miles away.
Thank you for your time and understanding.

Correspondences are placed of www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com  

kindest regards

John said,
12th June 2012 first night of four at John Lennon Airport Liverpool...

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Anonymous said...

saw you at airport john..proud of your campaign