22 Jul 2012


Ryanair Europe's Greatest Exploiters of young people wishing to become cabin crew are 

being investigated by the Irish Aviation Authority who in the past have ignored safety issues brought to their attention by Ryanair Pilots.Officials at the IAA travelling from Dublin have seen emergency exits seats empty and have even took photos to prove Ryanair are guilty of these serious safety issue on board each of their flights.

We must all understand that these emergency seats must not be left empty as able bodied 
passengers must help open these emergency doors at the centre of the aircraft if an 
emergency landing is called for.
As we would expect from Europe's most exploited airline, Ryanair feel it is their right to 
charge passengers  £10 extra as these seats have more leg room which is leaving some
of these seats empty and a very serious breach in air safety..This is not the first and will not be the last serious safety breach as Ryanair seem to be a law in to themselves.
The IAA are aware of the pressure and high Termination rate of probationary cabin crew at Ryanair even though a large training fee is paid,giving a financial gain to Ryanair or so called third party provides which is effecting the mind set of these young probationary cabin crew.

In 2011 Ryanairdontcare's first google blog was taken down after we published safety issues being broken by Ryanair which could have cost lives to which Boeing the aircraft makings were made aware of on each and every Ryanair flight.This serious safety issue with photo evidence was given to Ryanairdontcare Campaign by Ryanair cabin crew in 2011.
We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign had the closed blog tracked and hours before deletion, four senior Boeing officials were tracked monitoring this Blog......MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP WHY IT WAS DELETED...........Safety on board every flight must be priority(not profit)......Ryanair and Boeing may not see it that way......

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