7 Jul 2012


                          Dublin Airport
       ''Ryanairdontcare Campaign's Banners Not Welcome''

John said,
Protest 2 started at 8.45am on 4th July 2012 at Dublin International Airport..3 banners and 2 hand held signs were being displayed at the main entrance to the airport.
I was amazed how many cars sounded their horn in support of my protest.Even the Irish themselves hate Ryanair management.
At about 10.15am airport police arrived and this police officer came over to speak to me and asked what i was doing,could he not see it was a protest.........He informed me that i needed a permit to protest at the airport.Never been told that before,a permit maybe one more revenue for the Dublin Airport Authority..''were do i apply''.

                                                 Photo of Dublin airport ''permit police''.

This officer waved and took off to which was a great site to see.I was okay to have this protest today so i thought.At 10.35am the arrival of two airport police cars,three officers and one dog division,So they were not happy with Ryanairdontcare Campaign's protest..One officer told me i was not allowed to be at Dublin airport protesting.I did inform the officer that i was standing on public land and not airport land to which he informed me that the banners were located on airport railings which was true..I pointed out to these 3 officers that  i would take the banners down and stand holding them on the public land i was standing on,which was my right so i thought,then section by-law blar blar blar was issued to me and not to return to Dublin airport within 24 hours otherwise i would be arrested.I asked could i take a photo of them to which they declined..Getting arrested for a Peaceful protest would not be right so i left within 30 mins..What was interesting was soon as i took the last banner down they all drove off even though i was still by the airport entrance for 30 more minutes as members of the public started talking to me about Ryanair....Looks like Mr O'Leary is  not a happy chappy with my banners which has the true information about exploitation at Ryanair.. As this protest was going to be all day, off i went to catch the 41 bus to Dublin City Centre for protest 3,

        Irish Aviation Authority Harassment Lie
Protest 3,
Off i went to the Irish Aviation Authority's head office,The Times Building,11-12 D'Olier Street in the center of Dublin.    

                                           Photos outside the Irish Aviation Authority

I arrived about 11.15am and set up the protest banners outside the main window for all to see.Mega phone in hand i started the protest.After about 1 hour three Garda police officers on foot and one Garda police car with two officers were upon me..Was this for real, five Garda police officers for one peaceful protester,???
no they were here because of the Ryanairdontcare Campaign's Banners..One Garda Sergeant O'Mara B65 who was not a friendly sort of guy,told me to remove the banners as they were an obstruction and the IAA had informed the Garda i was Harassing members of the staff at the IAA.
As Ryanair pilots will understand it will not be the first time the IAA have lied on a serious matter.How can a Authority so important as the Irish Aviation Authority lie to the Police in Dublin..If i thought the IAA had any credibility (which i don't) before this protests,it was all gone.
The Irish Aviation Authority have no credibility in the eyes of  Ryanair pilots and now Ryanairdontcare Campaign..A letter of complaint will be sent to the IAA and Garda regarding this harassment Lie....
After putting my point cross to Sergeant O'Mara B65 and informing him of a cctv camera above the main door to the IAA which will show i never Harassed IAA staff,  he ordered me under section  blar blar blar to leave the area and not return for 12 hours or face a 600 euro fine..I informed him i would leave and i would return the next day.....


                        Irish Government 

Protest 4,
After leaving the IAA head office i walked a short distance to Leinster house which is were the Irish Government are based,as i arrived there were lots of  photographers taking pictures.
What happened here was quite astonishing.I held my ''Ryanair Worst Employer'' banner up and all the photographers rushed over to take a photo.I was interviewed by the press which was great and i thought it could not get any better but it did.
I had started the day getting removed from Dublin airport,then removed from IAA head office only to have met and talked to The Taoiseach who is the Prime Minister of Ireland Mr Enda Kenny .
Mr Kenny did listened to what i had to say and i gave him the Ryanairdontcare Campaign business card to which he thanked me for..I did also have longer to talk to Minister Phil Hogan who said he would pass my details on to the right minister..

                                               Photos outside of the Irish Government office

                   Photo i took from my phone of Taoiseach Mr Enda Kenny at Leinster house.

As Ryanair Management are viewing this Blog daily i can not blog what was say to Mr Kenny or Mr Hogan.
As you can see from the post above the day did not start well but i must say ended Brilliantly.....
A lesson learnt----Never Give Up----.

''DOOMED TO FAIL''  Mr Michael O'Leary & Mr David Bonderman


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