27 Aug 2012


Ryanair charged with breaches of French labour law

Low-cost Irish airline Ryanair has been ordered to appear in court to answer a string of charges of alleged breaches of French labour law, lawyers representing a pilots' union said on Monday.
State prosecutors have concluded a three-year investigation by charging the airline with a number of illegal practises, including registering workers employed in France as Irish employees, preventing workplace councils from functioning and preventing access to unions.
The trial, which is expected to take place around the turn of the year, will be held in Aix-en-Provence, near where Ryanair operated a base at the airport of Marseille before it abandoned the facility in January 2011.
Ryanair closed the hub, where it began operating in 2006, and cut 13 routes from Marseille to Europe and Morocco, after prosecutors refused to drop the charges against the company.
Contacted by AFP, Ryanair's French lawyer Marc-Antoine Levy declined to comment.
At the time of Ryanair's withdrawal from Marseille, the airline's head Michael O'Leary had argued that the company should have the right to employ its staff in Ireland, where payroll taxes are significantly lower than in France, as they were not living permanently in France.
That argument was considered and rejected by France's Council of State in 2007.
John said,
This has made me so happy.....More to follow Mr O'Leary and Mr Bonderman the Exploiters of Young People all over Europe which must STOP....


Anonymous said...

With the massive increase in communication a company that makes so many errors and bad judgements can no longer hide it's ulterior motives and label it as 'business'. The world repays unhealthy dealings eventually, some times it takes longer than others - as per the phone hacking scandal. Slowly, slowly sculdugery surfaces, just like a floating cork. Well done on the good work John!

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Yes i agree but it needs to be faster to stop new recruited probationary cabin crew from wrecking their career in aviation at the hands of Ryanair,Europe's most exploited crew..
Thank you for your comment...