9 Oct 2012

MANCHESTER AIRPORT HAPPY WITH RYANAIR Free Chocolate But Not Interested In A DEATH Of A RYANAIR PILOT At Manchester Airport in 2011...Media news BLACK OUT..NOT THE FIRST and NOT THE LAST...Ken O'Toole, Chief Commercial Officer for the Manchester Airports...IS THERE CORRUPTION AT MANCHESTER AIRPORT ???

Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to inform Manchester Airport that you are no worst than Ryanair when it comes to Lives of crew at Ryanair.
As we are all aware Ryanair fly from Manchester Airport and a few weeks ago the Airport teamed up with Ryanair to publicise the opening of the Ryanair 'SCUM' pop up shop in Piccadilly Manchester.Not only are Manchester Airport helping Ryanair with publicity,they Manchester Airport are aware of the safety issues at Ryanair which is in place to save money by Ryanair.Profit is Ryanair's priority not passenger/crew safety.
The exploitation of Pilots and Cabin Crew at Ryanair has lead to the suicide of a Ryanair pilot which was not covered in the main stream media.It was hushed up to protect Ryanair and Manchester Airport were and are fully aware of this..This Real Important Pilot committed Suicide at Manchester Airport...
You can see a post below from a pilot forum regarding this tragic passed...Paul should never be forgotten and Ryanairdontcare Campaign will promise to continue fighting Ryanair ''SCUM''....

As you can see Ken O'Toole,Chief Commercial Officer at Manchester Airport happy to help Europe's Greatest Exploiter Of Young People ''Ryanair''.SHAME ON YOU O'Toole.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign founder John Foley was protesting yesterday outside the very same Ryanair SCUM shop in Piccadilly Manchester..Three videos of the protest will be posted here soon and must not be missed..

John said,
Manchester Airport new about the death of a Real Important Pilot at Ryanair and are fully aware of the exploitation of crew at Ryanair which was involved...O'Toole 'nice Irish name' is more interested in helping Ryanair who continue wrecking crews lives by turning a blind eye to Ryanair...DEATH is not a joke Manchester Airport....
Manchester Airport are more interested in RYANAIR giving free chocolate out as you can see from a twitter post today..You could not write it better...
Tweet blow by Manchester Airport...

Its national chocolate week!! Ryanair are giving away Galler Belgian chocolates every day at their pop up shop in Piccadilly!

As you can see from the tweet i received below,Manchester airport paid for this Ryanair shop to be opened..Looks like Ryanair have Manchester Airport right were they want them....
Mr O'Toole ''''''What a Tool''''''

john joseph foleyjohn joseph foley @ryanairdontcare09 Oct
@manairport Think you need to show RYANAIRDONTCARE PROTEST at their shop yesterday,video to follow google ryanairdontcare campaign

Manchester Airport
@ryanairdontcare You weren't very nice to airport staff yesterday judging by the video. That doesn't seem right to me.

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