26 Dec 2012


Norwegian people are being informed of Ryanair's exploitation of the workforce thanks to Frifagbevegelse.no.As you can see from the post below Ryanairdontcare Campaign is working.

SAS cuts package is a result of the unrestricted competition in the aviation and Ryanair boss, Michael O'Leary, laughing in the wings.
Published 13/11/2012 at 12:47 Updated 13.11.2012 at 13:35
SAS has no choice. SAS to cut costs. Cut or death is the hard reality.
Aviation is inherently international just as shipping. And it's obvious that these are the industries that are exposed to the toughest competition.
The last few years have Ryanair emerged as the leader in the competition in the international aviation. Given the low level of taxation Irish airline has cut spending at all levels and in all businesses. They have gained competitive advantages in a not particularly sympathetic manner.
Ryanair has emerged as particularly hostile union, and treat their employees in a very bad way. The IRS believes that Ryanair pilots are forced to create fake sole proprietorship in order to avoid tax. Employees must pay their own training. In Norway, the company must appear in court in December sued by Commerce and the Office for unlawful dismissal. (Ryanair said basically that it was Irish law that would apply to someone who was employed at Rygge). Ryanair is accused of requiring emergency landing because of a lack of fuel to save fuel costs. In addition, all the stories about poor treatment of passengers.
There is no other airline that has several international campaigns aimed at:

Rryanairdontcarecrew and Ihateryanair

But Ryanair sets a standard, and after them follow a bunch of low cost airlines that try to imitate Micael O'Leary.
Norwegian is one such company. As Ryanair, the wages and working conditions are one of the places where the Norwegian want to cut spending. They have established bases in Spain and Finland in order to pay lower wages.Also in the Norwegian Tax Administration's scrutiny for the same conditions as Ryanair. Several of the hired pilots and cabin crew do not pay taxes to Norway, although they are Norwegian citizens, living in Norway and work on Norwegian airports.
They use staffing agencies employed personnel in the cockpit and cabin. When the union points out that this is illegal under Norwegian law threatens Norwegian boss Bjørn Kjos to flag out. In a letter to the Minister of Transport, he writes, "have other requirements for example. Norwegian compared with foreign companies, the answer is given, then we see that the airlines from other parts of Europe and the rest of the world take the traffic, or we need to move the company out of Norway and engage in other arenas. "
Norwegian new Asian routes will be flown with Asian crew, based in Bangkok. As the Bangkok-base service multiple targets in Europe.
SAS is a company with history and there has not been any advantage to running a company in three countries with three different sets of laws and three different sets of unions which also have been divided among themselves.Today's reality is that the company must cut costs to survive. Even with the large cuts that have been proposed, it is not certain that the company survives.
Competition in the international aviation is relentless. Ryanair operates with social dumping by Norwegian and other budget airlines wagging tail.
In the race to the bottom, there is a great danger that the wages and working conditions will be seriously impaired. Trade unions in the SAS has an important job to ensure that the cuts in a way employees can live with. The unions are known to drive solo performances. If ever there would be time to collaborate across countries, federations and personal conflicts, it should be now.


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