31 Jan 2013


French court.....
 Ryanair’s work practices in the country has been delayed for several months after the airline changed its legal team.
The trial, which was due to take place in Aix-en-Provence 29th/30th January 2013, has been billed as likely to decide the future of the low cost aviation sector in France by some. France’s La Tribune newspaper said today that if Ryanair loses the case it could cause low cost airlines to abandon bases in the country.
The airline is under formal investigation because of a suspicion that it has employed staff at its Marseilles base on Irish work contracts. It is particularly focussed on the employment contracts of 127 workers.
Ryanair has threatened to close its base in Marseilles if the matter goes before the court. Chief executive Michael O’Leary has previously branded the matter as “stupid”, saying that Ryanair’s aircraft are registered in Ireland and that its employees pay their taxes, social security contributions and pensions here, in accordance with European legislation
It is accused of using clandestine workers, of unlawful employment of air crew, of hindering the establishment of a works committee and a hygiene and safety committee and of obstructing trade unions.
French trade unions have accused Ryanair of “social dumping in relation to employees, and unfair competition”, according to La Tribune.
If found guilty, Ryanair could be hit with a maximum fine of €225,000. But any order to repay missed social security charges would potentially greatly increase the level of compensation faced by the airline.

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John said,
It will not make low cost airlines abandon bases in France,one would hope it would bring one AIRLINE to abandon France and the rest of Europe ''RYANAIR''.....
The courts need to look at the TERMINATION rate of Probationary cabin crew at Ryanair who are being Recruitment SCAMMED.....

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