24 Jan 2013

RYANAIR'S Michael O'Leary ..TOLD STOP EXPLOITING FRENCH YOUNG PEOPLE...à force de discount FRANCE 2.. nos vies discount

                    ''nos vies discount''
"our discounted life'' broadcast January 29th at 22H55 (paris time) on the channel France2

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are very please to show this documentary clip which will be aired in full in France 29th January 2013....As you can see O'Leary the exploiter is very happy giving this interview but he never thought exploited cabin crew at Ryanair would be getting a mention,even better given longer than him to speak...
We believe Ryanairdontcare Campaign may be mentioned in the film credits..Watch the clip below


Thank you for putting your face to nos vies discount which will be aired in full in France 29th January 2013...Mr O'Leary let us see how many young French people stay clear of your SCAM cabin crew training/employment NOW.....Doomed to Fail ''MICHAEL''... Look at the credits  Lol......

It is not the first time a French Documentary has covered probationary Ryanair cabin crew.In 2011 Enrico Porsia filmed a Ryanairdontcare protest outside Ryanair's head office in Dublin... 
Video below.... Minute 38.00


Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Not seen the full documentary yet but it looks like Mr O'Leary thought this documentary was going to favour Ryanair Lol...Sorry if your disappointed ''MICHAEL''.... Probationary cabin crew have a voice..Thank you Frédéric Brunnquell

Anonymous said...

how do ryanair get away with this