12 Feb 2013

RYANAIR TO APPEAL ANY EU PROHIBITION..AER LINGUS BID COMMISSIONER JOAQUIN ALMUNIA...Ryanair have the lowest salary of Probationary cabin crew in Europe...great news which will stop thousands of extra young people being exploited by Ryanair

Ryanairdontcare Campaign are pleased with the news that it is looking like Ryanair's bid for Aer Lingus is ''DOOMED To FAIL'' a word Michael O'Leary continues to use regarding the no1 Anti Ryanair campaign ''RYANAIRDONTCARE''.....
As you can see from the article below from  Ryanair's head of communications Kiely.

Robin Kiely said:
“It appears clear from this morning’s meeting, that no matter what remedies Ryanair offered, we were not going to get a fair hearing and were going to be prohibited regardless of competition rules.
Given Ryanair’s remedies package clearly addresses every issue raised in the EU’s Statement of Objections, any decision to prohibit would be manifestly unfair and in contravention of EU competition rules. Ryanair has no alternative but to appeal any prohibition decision and we expect to get a fair hearing at the European Courts, as we haven’t received one from Commissioner Almunia and his case team. This decision is clearly a political one to meet the narrow, vested interests of the Irish Government and is not based on competition law.”

John said,
This is great news which will stop thousands of extra young people being exploited by Ryanair.
The Probationary Ryanair Cabin Crew Contract is a SCAM and young people need to be aware that Ryanair's motto ''LIVE THE HIGH LIFE'' is simply a Lie.
Ryanair ''Scum'' say they will never get a fair hearing over their Aer Lingus bid which is yet one more Lie.
Ryanair have have their own way for to many years now and let us hope people are starting to see the damage Ryanair are doing with their false Pilot jobs and cabin crew jobs for young people.

Ryanair's Michael O'Leary continues to cry like a baby,throwing a rattle from his pram,stating other airlines are more favored when the real reason being Ryanair's 60% TERMINATION rate of new recruited cabin crew all paying up to 3000 euro to train plus under 10 euro a hour flight pay leads to exploitation.Other airlines have issues regarding employment but Ryanair have the lowest salary and highest termination rate of Probationary cabin crew in Europe.
Commissioner Joaquin Almunia was sent the letter below in 2012 from Ryanairdontcare Campaign...

Merger Registry (Ref : M.6663)
Rue Joseph II 70
1049 Brussels

Dear Joaquin Almunia,

I am writing to you today regarding Ryanair Holdings Limited who are registered as an Irish company.

The European Commission are aware of the bid by Ryanair Holdings Limited for Aer Lingus.
I will not pretend to understand the full process which is involved with this bid but feel employment issues regarding Ryanair should be brought to the attention of the DG Competition.

In 2004 David Bonderman from TPG became chairman of Ryanair Holdings Limited and introduced agency probationary contracts which involved Cabin Crew.
I must inform you that TPG (   http://www.tpg.com/ ) are involved with bidding for Stansted Airport in the UK.

Ryanair have two types of contracts for cabin crew that work on their aircraft.
One being a Ryanair contract cabin crew which totals 20% of the cabin crew workforce. The other being a probationary contract which is 80% of the cabin crew workforce which is given out by a so called third party providers,Crewlink Ireland Limited (http://www.crewlink.ie/) and Workforce International (http://www.workforceintl.com/) which were set up in 2004 the very same time as David Bonderman became chairman at Ryanair.The probationary Ryanair cabin crew contract is what is very concerning and must be looked at.

This probationary Ryanair cabin crew contract is given out by Crewlink and Workforce International after a 6 week Ryanair cabin crew training program is completed at a cost of up to 3,000  for each student.I must point out that Easyjet cabin crew training program has no charge to students.
From 2004 till 2008 in a four year period 8981 probationary Ryanair contracts have been given out by one agent Crewlink Limited (Now Crewlink Ireland Limited) with a average of 2200 for each year from one agent.As for Workforce International i am not sure of their contracts given out.I can confirm Ryanair's Head of Communications  Stephen McNamara did confirm in writing that there was a 30% Termination rate of probationary Ryanair cabin crew in 2010 which is very much  underestimated and could be as high as 60%.
If Ryanair are successful in their bid for Aer Lingus  we will see bigger numbers of young people all over Europe being recruited as Probationary cabin crew by Ryanair for Aer Lingus with a much higher numbers of terminations.
I must point out that the employment practice being delivered by Ryanair management is not only delivering Social Dumping of workers in Europe but wrecking the lives of young people wishing a career in aviation and in some cases have lead to health issues and suicide.

Average number of employees in 2005 being 2,604 staff costs 140,997.Average yearly salary per staff member £54,146
Average number of employees  in 2006 being 3,063 staff costs £171,412,000.Average yearly salary per staff member £55,962
Average number of employees  in 2007 being 3,991 staff costs £226,580,000.Average yearly salary per staff member £56,772
Average number of employees in 2008 being 5,262 staff costs  £285,343,000.Average yearly salary per staff member £54,227

Average number of employees in 2012 being 8,500 staff costs  £415,343,000.Average yearly salary per staff member £48,823

At 2012 pilot numbers at Ryanair are 3000..Average yearly salary of £72,000 =£216,000,000
At 2012 engineers numbers at Ryanair 500..Average yearly salary of £30,000 = 24,000,000
At 2012 office staff numbers at Ryanair 300.. Average yearly salary of  £20,000 = £6,000,000 
At 2012 Ryanair contracted cabin crew numbers at Ryanair 940. Average yearly salary £25,000 = 23,500.000
At 2012 probationary cabin crew at Ryanair numbers 3750 at Ryanair. Average yearly salary £12,000 = 45.120.000

Total staff average cost in 2012 is £324.620.000..There is an over charge of £90,000,000 which is paid to third party agents,who recruit and train crew at Ryanair...Ryanair will lead up to believe that a low cost airline would achieve this high over charge to man their airline.
I put in to the DG COMPETITION that this over charge is a result of a high termination rate of crew and the extra hourly rate so called third party agents receive from Ryanair which shareholders are not aware of.

I wish to thank the DG COMPETITION for taking time to ready this letter and would hope you would look in to these issues stated above.
Thank you for your time.

Kindest regards

John Foley.






  regulators reviewing its 694 million-euro ($896 million) bid for Aer Lingus Group Plc. (AERL) European Commission


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Hi John, How safe are users posting on your blog anonymously. Can Ip addresses of anonymous users be seen by anybody (you, www.blogger.com domain owner). If someone uses Anonymous option, can anyone see his IP address?http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/courts/eircom-must-disclose-ids-of-bloggers-accused-of-making-highly-defamatory-posts-29066737.html

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I set this up to monitor Ryanair's visits and any company involved with Ryanair..All other visitors to my blog i will not copy or pass on to others at any cost...
As for this blog ,over 2 years it has been active.My first blog was closed down in 2010 and over 100 posts on this blog have been deleted at the request of Ryanair..We all know how Ryanair work,they sue but i am still waiting for them to sue me, I WELCOME THE DAY.....
Either post as Anonymous or i can be emailed lfcheart@yahoo.co.uk and post it for you..Ryanair's reputation is very clear to us all and going after people who comment on aviation sites is not a new thing for Ryanair.The site in question PPRUNE banned me in 2010 which is fine as i am telling young people the real issues at Ryanair and it is not ''LIVE THE HIGH LIFE'' as publicised on the Ryanair site.
Thank you for your comment...

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