22 Apr 2013


 As you can see from the comment below from probationary cabin crew who was terminated by Ryanair,time for all to boycott this SCAMMING airline.Crewlink,Workforce International and StJames Management will SCAM you..

Comment on cabincrew.com
ITS A SCAM...... 99 quid for an introduction..its gets worse by the minute...

seriously take it from someone that has been
there,done that and regret every min of it!!you have your interview and
if your Irish your chances are very high of been successful.then they
send you on a 6 week stressful course which YOU have to pay 2000 euro
to do, plus pay for accommodation while doing the course which is 1000
euro so b4 you even start work they have you in 3000 euro debt!they
offer to give you a loan which they take out of your pay every
month.your not even guaranteed your base you could be sent to
frankurt or torp like people on my course were after they done there
training!! you have to pay 360 euro in the first year for your uniform
which is also taking out of your pay each month!then they will tell you
they will give you a joiners payment, this is were they make you think
there doing you a favour by giving you 1200 euro of the money back to
you in your pay over the first 6 months as a good will gesture.i was
there one year in march,everyone on my course was brought in for
meetings and told we were been let go!not only that but they want us to
continue to pay the loan back and also the 1200 euro joiners payment.so
i am in debt with them now and unemployed!they are scum!i love been a
cabin crew and looking else where now.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if there is
one thing i can do is stop another person from getting sucked in by
them bastards then go else where and look for another airline.plus full
time work my eye you are only given 50 hrs a month which is 2 - 3 days
a week
John said,
These words above are so true..
Ryanair will also sent a dept collector after you, they are called  Daniels Silverman Corporate Debt Recovery Agency..

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