5 Jun 2013

Crewlink / Ryanair CC Hahn Training Course on 2nd July , 2013 ..Could Be CANCELLED.....EXPLOITATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE ''Ryanair''...

Crewlink / Ryanair CC Hahn Training Course on 2nd  July , 2013

Due to the fact that only a hand full of young people will be starting the Ryanair cabin crew training course in July,it seems likely that this course could be cancelled by Ryanair  till September.

 John said,
                    Young people are waking up to this RECRUITMENT SCAM at Ryanair.
Doomed To Fail ''Michael''.....
                              AT LAST

Photo above is were the Exploitation of young people starts..

Above you can see a video from RYANAIR/CREWLINK Manchester recruitment day 2012 were i confronted employees of the SCAMMERS Ryanair & Crewlink....

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