29 Jul 2013



The death of a loved one is the saddest news to hear unless your name is Michael O'Leary or David Bonderman...
Not only will they Exploit Ryanair Pilots and Cabin Crew,they will also use the death of nearly 80 people as a way to generate double profits.A Ryanair flight to Santiago, booked by a victims family was doubled in price after the train accident last week.
Many may be shocked at this increase but Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman have no empathy whatsoever and priority is profit at any cost..
Let us not forget Liverpool Ryanair pilot Paul Ridgard who in 2011 committed suicide with employment issues being involved and the press failed to cover this story..

.Story below


 Google Translate,
Angel was at home when he heard the fatal news. His mother, Pilar, 66, was traveling in the car 6 train derailed in Santiago and never see her again. As anyone would have done in that situation, sought the quickest way to get to the scene. Stunned by misfortune, at 6.00 am entered the online travel search and found a flight Rumbo Madrid-Santiago de Ryanair. Book a place for himself and one for his wife, Elisa, because it was the first plane out. The two passages have cost 471 euros, a price that could be considered quite high for such a short journey. But nobody thinks about that in a moment.The two seats were reserved for the British airline assigned a locator number. As usual, Ryanair received a message informing them that in a few minutes receive your confirmation e-mail.The transport issue was resolved. The flight to the tragedy taking off in a few hours. So the young couple did not have much time to catch her two children and take them home from the grandparents.For two hours, Elisa looked at your email box, but the confirmation, which usually takes a few minutes, did not come. "There was little left for the departure, so I called Rumbo to know what happened. I explained that we were relatives of one of the victims of the train and we needed to get on that plane, "says Elisa from the morgue, his voice quivering.From Flights, explained that they took charge of the situation and try to resolve the problem with the utmost speed. Minutes later explained what happened: could not receive the confirmation that Ryanair had changed the ticket fare. The two passages now costing 800 euros. From 6.00 to 8.00 hours, the airline almost double the price of the flight to be transferred to the families of the victims to the city of catastrophe.The online agency informed them that if they wanted to fly, they would have to do it now at this price, marked by Ryanair. "I told him to annul the reservation because I did not want anyone to lucrara with our misfortune," says Elisa."It is outrageous that anyone would want to do business with such a tragedy. Instead of helping put more flights and give more options, I get more difficult, with what you wear on top and "Angel complaint, outraged by the inhumanity of the company."I do not care if it is a legal practice, it seems equally disgusting anyway. Companies should take care of your brand image with a tragedy like this. You can not make them go through this, "says a friend of Angel heated.The victim is an only child and, after this tragedy, is alone because he was fatherless. With a broken heart, took his car and drove 600 miles to Santiago de Compostela to identify the body of his mother. He recognized the bag and a fingerprint. "We arrived seven hours later and imagine what it is to drive in that state," says Elisa shocked by what happened.Angel did not want to see the body of his mother. Prefer to remember her as the last time he saw her. As on Wednesday, when he accompanied the train. He climbed his suitcase into the car and gave him a kiss goodbye, not knowing it would be the last.

  John said,
It is not shocking for me that Ryanair scum bags Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman charge double price for these flights when crew are exploited on a daily bases and suicide of their crew is brushed under the carpet.....

Paul Ridgard We Must Not Forget..



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