28 Nov 2013


Ryanairdontcare Campaign have the court order which was placed on Air Scoop team who reported on Ryanair's Business model in 2011 and again in 2013 which included reference to this blog.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign clearly showed safety from Ryanair management was a shambles and priority from Ryanair's chief David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary was and will continue to be PROFIT..
The safety of crew and passengers are in the hands of business men who's priority is the share price and know nothing when it comes to aviation safety.Pilots continue to point out these serious issues, breech of safety to the Irish Aviation Authority who turn a blind eye,when Ryanair are involved.
Ryanair's management are a corrupt bunch of people who use their large amount of money,through courts to silence any group,origination or individual but FAIL to attack Ryanairdontcare Campaign through the courts,reason being evidence we may hold...
John said,
I call on David Bonderman TPG Capital the real chief at Ryanair and the mouth Mr Michael O'Leary to issue court proceedings against me if you can...You can see below the latest Ryanair court order to silence any person that tells the truth about Europe's Greatest Exploiter Of Young People ''RYANAIR''....
Money in red bags in cockpit,PAYE Scam,Hourly rate of pay Scam,Safety breeches,Employment recruitment of thousands of probationary cabin crew which makes Bonderman and O'Leary Millions each month are just a few things which must be investigated at Ryanair...
                             ''Claims by Ryanair are false''

            ''Time For All To Boycott Ryanair''

This post is the follow up http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/air-scoop-air-scoop-ryanair-business.html

 The document will be removed from the Internet on Friday. The order came from the Irish justice agreed with Ryanair in a dispute with Air Scoop , consultant specialist in low cost airlines. It is true that the report, " The Free" has read , is not kind to the low- Irish prices. "Many claims are false and give the reader the impression that traveling with Ryanair is not safe ," Judge the company. In fact , Air Scoop is not his first attempt . There are two years , the consultant had already released a report on the economic model of Ryanair ( see LLB 17/08/2012 ) . The document considered , especially on the reasons for the success of the company, especially in terms of communication , and unveiled several strings allowing Ryanair to offer such low prices while remaining the most profitable company in Europe .But after Air Scoop, this model has " revolutionized the airline industry " is slowly coming " to an end ." " It is now time for Ryanair to adapt or die," the report concludes, scathing , 40 pages. Air Scoop explains that Ryanair is not alone in the low cost market and its competitors have responded " competitively " . And especially " without creating any controversy own Ryanair ." According to the consultant, the many ongoing trials , whether with his former employees or government, will eventually affect Ryanair.Its business model is also directly " endangered " on the day it will be aligned to the social conditions of its competitors. But that day seems inevitable for Air Scoop, which also discusses the controversy over emergency landings in Spain. Another change noticed by the consultant: tongues wag among staff, particularly after the establishment of Ryanair Pilot Group, an association which, like Ryanair, has " understood how the media works ." "For the first time in 20 years , Ryanair seems weakened , the report says. This reflects the change that is happening in Europe, where the area of ​​short and medium haul flights has never been so competitive. "On the same topic:Ryanair censor unflattering report against him

John said 29th November 2013.
Very nice to see Ryanair senior Management being tracked on this blog yesterday.I wish to thank the many twitter users who re-tweeted this Ryanair court order yesterday....
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