3 Nov 2013

RYANAIR the true exploiters of their employees, with profit being priority and not SAFETY.,,, low-cost, maar tegen welke prijs?..NETHERLANDS and BELGIUM Now In PRINT..RYANAIR'S Michael O'Leary ''DOOMED To FAIL''...

 DAVID BONDERMAN and MICHAEL O'LEARY Can Not Stop The Truth In Print..

The Dutch translation of the Ryanair book by Christian Fletcher is now available in the Netherlands and Belgium. With over 40,000 books sold in France,sure to be a big hit in Netherlands and Belgium..This is the only book to show RYANAIR the true exploiters of their employees, with profit being priority and not SAFETY.



Anonymous said...

I don't mean to sound rude or anything, I think it's really good what ur doing for ur daughter but at the same time I find it really sad, you should open like a chat or blog so ur daughter can be asked questions as I'm positive it's not all true, I'm reading wht ur writing , alljobs have ups n owns but this is sad, if you owned an airline that sold cheap seats, the products sold on board make up ur money to make profit or you'd be using ur own money to keep ur company going, the rew being sacked is bullshit also the pay before you train is bullshit too, n the zero hours is because every airline lays off their crew after. Term so in order for ryanair to keep their staff with a job when they don't need them in the summer they keep it so they aren't paying out for the extensive mount of crew in the winter, ryanair u have the ability to get people together for less and ur passengers are the rude ones need a bag then pay for it to be checked in, cheap skates n possibly on benefits n won't pay the extra for the bag after getting a fantastic deal on seats problem solved I know crew and flew ryanair as long asi can remember , as for dedicating your life for answers u can't make heads or tales for I think it's sad and really pathetic n feel sorry for any company that a family member of yours gets sacked from. If I were you I'd put my daughter online and allow crew to ask questions I'm sure this problem will be dealt with n you can go back to living a normal life. Also look at the rate monarch and jet 2 pay even britishairways I know people who left ryanair to go here and regret the move, believe it or not virgin too. Then I'll agree with every word ur saying.

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Anonymous not sure why you picked this post to comment on,as no mention of what you are replying to is posted here.Do not feel Sad.
You seem to not understand the Termination or Recruitment policy which is in place at Ryanair.
Laying off staff in winter is fine for any business as long as the new recruits understand that policy before they hand over thousands of £ to train..As for being sacked,your right in all jobs this will happen but Ryanair's Recruitment for Termination policy is not excepted.Thanks for your comment.