20 Dec 2013


 Italian tourist website Nonosolo Turisti has published a great report this month about Ryanair's cabin crew recruitment.Ryanairdontcare campaign has been put in this report which is great news.To make young Italian students aware of the scamming practises of Ryanair and how they wreck the lives of thousands of young cabin crew all over Europe for profit.
Not only safety being an issue at Ryanair but with over 10,000 young cabin crew Terminated for profit ''recruitment for termination'' Ryanair must be stopped...
Ryanair Chief David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary should be in jail for what they have done to these young people.




Report below in Italian 


Report below in English.

They always have a friendly smile carved on his lips, wearing a uniform cut -martial and pretty colours , are helpful, patient and do not fall apart even when the plane is plummeting with the engines on fire. They are flight attendants and travellers dream of many young people follow in their footsteps and get a job that allows to travel all the time for the world.As with all the aspirations , however , this is likely to prove to be a chimera if it is not dealt with due awareness.First of all the requirements to work as a flight attendant are manifold. You must have gentle ways to be able to transmit more serenity and courtesy to passengers , especially those like me terrified of flying.According to the concise guide prepared for the occasion by Skyscanner , the physical requirements for the new generation usually include beautiful presence , between the ages of twenty and thirty- five feet in height and 65 meter and 85 centimetres.As regards education, is required at least a diploma . Even the languages ​​are of course an important aspect : You must have a good command of the local language - in our case the Italian - and at least one foreign language, usually English. It should be available to transfers and airlines often require that the candidate has own car . Even less comforting is the fact that we must be good swimmers ...And if you are lucky enough to be selected by the airline, remember that you are only at the beginning of a long journey . Before you begin to serve will have to pass a training course very severe, the cost of which will be borne by the company or yours, depending on the airline. Also passed the course, begin the probationary period , subject to highly variable according to the contract provided by your employer.In addition to the course , the cost of the uniform , meals, transfers and accommodation of potential for business matters are subject to corporate policies. In short, the quality of work as a flight attendant largely depends on the airline you work for and by its base to work. To understand more, I did a little research about one of the most cited on the network airlines : Ryan Air.One of the biggest detractors of this airline is called John Foley, author of a blog that for years she attacked the policies that the company adopts towards new recruits . It is not a lobbyist , or a union , or a disgruntled passenger ... is simply the father of a girl after an expensive training course she found herself without a job and without money."To be hired by Ryanair , the flight crew goes through a maze of agencies, which are not fully aware . (...) The person being tested is an average of two days of downtime unpaid week. In most cases work at least 3 hours for each round without being paid . (...) The staff in testing is paid only from the time when the aircraft is in flight, are held 30 € per month for the uniform and is not entitled to meals or drinks on the plane. "A month ago , the Guardian spoke of just such a situation , emphasising how often the flight attendants , after having borne the costs of the course and uniform and be gone for the hard year of probation , being fired, forced to resign or transferred.The fact remains that the opinions and experiences reported by employees and former employees of the Irish company are very various and discordant . In many , in fact, remain convinced that the low-cost airline offers a good opportunity to work with many young people and, if you will, this experience can then be exploited to advance the profession through other companies.Since a dear friend of mine works as a flight attendant for another classmate low-cost , I also wanted to hear his opinion." I work for Easyjet from 3 and a half years . The course lasted little more than three weeks in Luton , all paid for by them, of course ... The teachers try to make the course lightweight, and are always willing to help those who need them. Let's say that since I am completely new to the industry, it was not exactly easy , but doable . "He added that in the early days salary is around 1500 Euros per month. There are difficulties , especially the challenges of patience in the case of particularly demanding passengers , but usually his is a positive judgement ."I do not think it's a difficult job , but do it well, as all the work is already more complicated. I'm happy but not too much ... There are days that I hate my job, I sometimes miss to do something more challenging , but this is what I have, then the stimuli seek them out ... "

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Great that some will stand up to ryanair management,thanks