14 Jan 2014


A comment has been placed on this blog from we believe x Ryanair cabin crew...We would hope new recruits would see this and decide not to join Ryanair.

The comment below has not been altered in any way...

 Ryanair it is a dangerous place to land a job.
1: anyone can get a job in Ryanair if in possession of 3000 Euro's to pay the training course. Plus the accommodation and all that come with it. They provide no facility and the Instructors are forced to take in, and " Pass ", as many people as possible at the final exam’s to bring money to the company. This mean the standards of skills required is so low that reflect in the Airline customer service and safety performance.
2: Ryanair just want's your money and keep hire people to fuel the company profit. They have courses every month all over Europe which do not require the high standard skill “proper “company requests on candidates. Maths, Height, Command of the English, Professional degree. You can count to pass your course because from the moment you do, they own you and you will have to pay back in 12 months plus you’re Uniform. You have to buy your shoes and pay every time a trolley breaks down. They use cheap material for their uniform and you will have to spend money to fit it yourself. The Buttons will constantly fall apart and the shape looks awful as is made on one standard size.
3: They keep hiring people that means that they keep also firing, and sacking people on a “Daily" basis. The people, who have just finish to pay, will now start to fly less and less hours until ZERO hours. Those hours are given to the new recruited who are exploited and made them to believe that there is job out here." THERE IS NO JOBS OR FUTURE OUTHERE, bare it in mind!! After 12 month they will start to use anything to sack you. If you are late few minutes 3 times, you are gone. No -show 3 times you are gone. Mostly they can make mistake but blame you and you will still force to take the blame. They play dirty and all the supervisors and management are up to this to keep their job! They HAVE TO SACK YOU to leave a place for new people to come in and produce money.
Ryanair does not have the capacity to Hire all those people...every months 100 of People get a job in Ryanair...How do you think this is possible???
Only by sacking people.
4: They will sack you for any reason and you will have no protection, no UNION, no rights. They will sack you if your monthly average spend is low. You can't do nothing about it depend on the flight you will do. They will still send you a formal letter and invite you to a meeting.
You will be screamed at, bullied, intimidated and mentally abuse you.
I sow for many years, every Monday people getting Sacked and cry, for no reason than virtual invention." Average spends".
They “HAVE “to sack you to continue to CHARGE new people for training courses.
5: Most of young exploited think they will make the difference and be the best and have a career.
They WANT YOU OUT the minute your course is finish and you have no idea the extent of Bullying they will carry out to achieve it!

Please Choose a proper Airline, Unionised and that will pay you because you will leave in misery and poverty and get angry and defleated with passengers and your friends.
EMIRATES are wonderful and Hire every day of the week, Etihad, Thomson; they all pay great money and protect your rights.
You are not different than any of us or people before me but you can choose now , NOT TO CHOOSE Ryanair.


john said,
I have been saying this for over 5 years now..Time for all to boycott this airline..

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