23 Jan 2014


Ryanair's on board charity scratch card must be investigated.Passengers need to know that a high % of profit from these cards are kept by Ryanair.With a high % of new recruited probationary cabin crew being Terminated for having low sales of this charity card.
Let us show you how much Ryanair could be making from this charity scam and what they have given to charity in 2013...
One of the main charities in Ireland is Jack & Jill Foundation who by the look of their website http://www.jackandjill.ie/ do a great job provides direct funding, to families of children with brain damage.Jack & Jill Foundation's CEO is a man called  Jonathon Irwin jonathan@jackandjill.ie  who is a former employee of RYANAIR....
A few questions have been sent to Mr Irwin on twitter @jjfoundation from @ryanairdontcare and still waiting for a reply.Mr Irwin did reply to a message to Greg and added us ( Greg Thks for that Have'nt met Michael in 5yrs ) as i stated Irwin was Michael O'Leary's mate in my last blog post.
Let us go to http://www.jackandjill.ie/who-we-are/corporate-partners/  were you will see Ryanair as a corporate partner.                                            
RyanAir donate a percentage of the sale of their inflight scratch cards to the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation.

As you can see above, a % of sales from these charity cards go to Jack & Jill Foundation,with the amount being hard to find as both involved will not say.

Ryanair's news on their website clearly states the cars given out plus the money given to charity in 2013 which we will look at below.....

Ryanair sell on average 15 charity scratch cards on every flight.With 1,500 flight a day,10,500 flights a week and 546,,000 flights a year =  8.1 million charity cards sold at €2 a card which is a massive  €16.2 million a year generated for WHO......??????????????
Ryanair love to go public when giving to charity and prize winners of this scratch card but don't go public on the millions raised and kept by them... 

Prize fund for cars given out to passenger winners in 2013 below from Charity Scratch Card...
1, 13th March 2013 car given out by Ryanair.
2, 17th May 2013 4 cars given out by Ryanair.
3, 25th June 2013 car given out by Ryanair.
4, 26th September 2013 4 cars given out by Ryanair.
5, 12th December 2013 3 cars given out by Ryanair.
Total number of cars won and given out as prizes in 2013 by Ryanair was 13.....At car retail price (which Ryanair get at a wholesale price or free for advertising the cars) = €195,000....

Charity money given by Ryanair in 2013 to Charities from Charity Scratch Card...
1, 22nd May 2013 gave  €25,00 to Spanish Foundation "Pequeño Deseo" ("Small Wishes")
2, 3rd September 2013 gave €10,000 to Naomi House and Jacksplace.
3, 18th December 2013 gave  €20,000 to Jack & Jill Foundation.
Total amount given to charities in 2013 was €55,000..

With a total charity give out from RYANAIR in 2013 of  €55,000,
charity clearly begins at RYANAIR..... 
Even if other prizes total €2 million
 €14 Million still not give to winners or charities,who is laughing all the way to the bank...

 The sales on these scratch cards are held in a Bank of Ireland high interest account which generate thousands of €'s ..At every place in Ryanair money is made biggest being the profit Ryanair make on their Pilots and Cabin Crew.....

John said,
For this to go on the Irish Government must be involved.The photo below is the brain's behind the scams at Ryanair.David Bonderman of TPG Capital Michael O'learys boss who is responsable for the highest level of Termination of new recruited cabin crew at Ryanair for profit which involves over 10,000 young people.Mr Bonderman worked in civil rights for attorney generals office in the USA ''hypocrite''..


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