7 Feb 2014


As you can see over the last 3 days the Irish Government have been busy looking at this blog..Do not hold your breath as the (Irish Government) are in the pockets of RYANAIR and The Bank Of Ireland are heavily involved in the Crew per hour of pay SCAM which is raking in Millions for all concerned....
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          John said,  .I know there is corruption all over the world but in Ireland you can smell the corruption.....                                                         

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Anonymous said...

John you are truly a heroic man.

It is a termination for profit business model. Both Ryanair and the banks are beneficiaries of termination. Do you know which banks these pilots and the cabin crew have their loans in?

The bank loan arrangements are integral part of the Ryanair recruitment process, aren’t they? These pilots and cabin crew do not go to the bank of their choice to get these loans. The loan contracts are provided to them by Ryanair or by recruitment agencies that Ryanair controls.

It very much explains the fact why Ryanair workforce has to be international. They couldn’t execute this scam on such a large scale among employees of their own country. The international workforce is more vulnerable to exploitation. They have no contacts and connections in Ireland. Their language skills are limited therefore their ability to understand the context is limited too.

They terminate 60% of their new cabin crew recruits just after they finish paying their loan and before the end of their probation. The numerical value of the loan must have been very well calculated to let them finish paying their loans just before their probation ends and before their avail of legal protection. There is no genuine work contract for these people. It is an exploitation mechanism.

I am sure that any documentation regarding the numbers of terminated cabin crew is properly destroyed. So there is no evidence that these people have ever been employed and then sacked for profit.

In the KRO Reporter document Captain Ian Somner makes an interesting observation. He says: “It puts them under pressure because they now owe money to Ryanair. Or to the bank not to Ryanair. But Ryanair controls whether they work or not.”

What happened to the gallery of Ryanair bullies that you once had on your blog. Have they managed to bring it down? Maybe it should resurface.

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Anonymous above,Thank you for your comment.You explain it perfectly.
The Ryanair Bullies post plus 124 more post on this blog were deleted by Google late 2012..Only good thing about them being deleted,RYANAIR paid a lot of money to Google to have them deleted...

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

The bank involved is The Bank Of Ireland ( Banc na h√Čireann )a bank more than any not to trust who are responsible of wrecking the lives of so many working at RYANAIR..
No Ryanair probationary cabin crew will be excepted by RYANAIR if they do not open account with this SCAM of a bank..In 2010 Ryanairdontcare Campaign had the Bank Of Ireland's Ryanair cabin crew training loan stopped,which was a great success as many young people were TERMINATED before training loan were paid with the bank chasing these young people and giving threats of bankruptcy...Doomed to FAIL Mr O'Leary !!!!