28 Mar 2014

RYANAIR'S Cabin Crew Recruiters St James Management Services Ltd WEBSITE Closed Down THANKS To Ryanairdontcare Campaign..

St James Management Services who since 2004 have been involved in scamming thousands of young people wishing a career as cabin crew have Deleted their website yesterday after the post below was posted.
This is great news but their involvement in recruitment of Ryanair cabin crew must be fully investigated.


Added 31st March 2014...
Look at the Irish Government on this blog then Ryanair..INTERESTING..Friends in high places..

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Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

They have closed but they will open again in a different company name and address..The press need to act and work with our 5 year campaign to stop the exploitation of thousands of young people by RYANAIR.Time to act is now.Personnel message to Michael O'Leary ''DOOMED TO FAIL'' Michael..

Anonymous said...

John has made an amazing contribution to uncovering the scam of Ryanair recruitment process.I slowly come to the uneasy feeling that in Ireland , the government indirectly ( or directly) support the Ryanair exploitation plan.
I was shocked when i learn in the news few weeks ago that DAA, Aer Lingus and Ryanair, got together to stop SIPTU from striking on Bank Holiday week end.
You suddenly see Aer-Lingus Ryanair and DAA bury the hatchet to go against their own ( aer -lingus ) workers!

I am not surprise that the Irish government are supporting Ryanair.

It's always the same...it's all about money....
Now Ryanir is try to re-define their image by telling you to carry another bag on board.
They are telling that suddenly they have become "Customer Service Aware", they tell you you can now book your seat and fly in comfort.


What Ryanair keep not telling you is that this is all a publicity stunt as they are feeling threatened by people awareness and the change in the aviation industry that is become more competitive with even the best airline reducing prices and offering more deals and less trouble that Ryanair.

What it will never change is the " Core " of their business.
People still fail to see that staff at Ryanair are being treated even worst than before, they don't get paid and still they get tretaed like slave leaving in fear and poverty...

Please people....OPEN YOUR EYES !!

They are still the same managerial abusers !! using and scam young people.
please help us to stop this !!

A flyer

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Anonymous above thank you for your comment.Speaking from my own experience of going to Dublin protesting for 4 years and in contact with Irish Gov,IAA,Bank Of Ireland.
The Irish Government are directly involved with Ryanair...
The IAA are not to be trusted and the DAA officials i have seen working at the Ryanair/Dalmac training days..MONEY is the priority of the day..The lives of thousands of young people all over Europe wishing a career as cabin crew have been damaged (suicide involved) thanks to Ryanair's recruitment & employment policies.Ryanair's chief David Bonderman & Michael O'Leary are SCUM.

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Nice to see so many repa members interested in St James closing down.
You heard it here first..