1 Jun 2014


Letter below has been sent to Barbra Spicer CEO of Skills Funding Agency from Ryanairdontcare Campaign.....

Dear Barbra Spicer,

My name is John Foley who set up a campaign in 2008 dealing with cabin crew employment issues at Ryanair.
My last contact to your office was on April 8th 2014 to Mr.Philip Griffin who confirmed a response would follow in a week's time, which never happened.
I am contacting you today with my concerns which could be fraud or financial irregularities
involving Ryanair cabin crew training and apprenticeships.

I wish to make an official complaint regarding payment of millions of pounds given by SFA to companies called M2 Training Ltd, Work Skills Ltd, Crewlink Ireland Ltd and St james management services ltd from 2010 until 2014. 
All four companies are involved with Ryanair recruitment and training of cabin crew all over Europe. Ryanair are Creating ownership structures to deceive and create £Millions each year from its cabin crew recruitment and apprenticeships which I feel must be investigated.

Since 2010 SFA have been funding companies involved with Ryanair cabin crew that continue to be placed into liquidation with the very same directors involved opening new companies at different address and continuing getting £Millions from the SFA.
A student who took an eight month Ryanair cabin crew apprenticeship, as a whistleblower has informed me that he personally paid month seven and eight out of his own pocket.
All correspondences since 2012 to Skills Funding Agency hasbeen dealt with by Mr. Philip Griffin and Amanda Webb Green.
Any future payment from SFA  going to these four directors and business ,Philip Lineham, John Henry, Duncan Naylor, John Mudge ,Crewlink Ireland Ltd regarding Ryanair cabin crew must be suspended. I must also inform you that many addresses are being used in relation to the above information.
Finally I must say that I do not believe any employee at SFA are involved in any fraud or financial irregularities and i have given the information in this email to the national press.
Thank you for your time.

Kindest regards

John Foley
Ryanairdontcare Campaign

Above information has been reported to the UK PLOICE...
Your Information Report reference number is:

Thank you, we have now recorded the incident on behalf of the police.

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