18 Jun 2014


          Real Important Pilot Mr Paul Ridgard

                                            We Must Never Forget

Today 18th June 2014 a memorial flower ornament was placed at John Lennon Airport's memorial garden.In May 2011 Paul was a pilot at Ryanair based at Liverpool who sadly passed away with employment issues being a focus of concern.
The original post  from 5th June 2011 can be seen below with the original emailed word for word from one of Paul's colleague..SHOCKING ...


Mr Paul Ridgard Rapaweb fund.  http://www.repaweb.org/paul-ridgard-fund

Ryanairdontcare Campaign will release information soon with regards the treatment of Paul Ridgard,Ryanair first pilot by Ryanair Management....
David Bonderman and Michael O'Leary you are EVIL...............
Below some part of the  email sent from a Pilot at Ryanair....

first officer in Ryanair.

His father died, and didnt get leave to go to his funeral and had to work.
after his father died, his mother got sick as well.

he asked Ryanair to have unpaid leave, but off course this was denied. he asked this multiple times, due to personal and psycological circumstances.

Paul, was rejected for his command upgrade.

a week ago, he walked to he aircraft with the base TRE. upon walking to the aircraft the base TRe of LPL told him he had to fail him in advance. with even not doing a official check.
the base tre was told by tony owens, the head of training. RYANAIR already decided that paul wouldnt get his command. never.
This all, together with his loss of his father, with being bullied by the company, getting no unpaid leave, working on funeral days, not being fit to fly and in the end getting the story that he was kept warm by the company, who didnt give a shit, and in the end told him that he would never get his command upgrade... 

John Said,
I send my sincere deepest sympathy to Paul's family at this very sad time.

John said on 20th October 2011...
Today Ryanairdontcare have contacted Manchester Police and the Coroner....
Below are comments from Eddie Wilson and Darrell Hughes from Ryanair when i confronted them outside Ryanair's head office.As you will see from these two Exploiters,very interesting to see Wilson's FACE expression and i did not understand his last words as he turn towards me...Darrell Hughes was asked how he felt about Paul Ridgard to which he said ''I Feel A lot Better Than You Should'' Mr Hughes i asked about one of your Pilots who had sadly passed away !!!!! once denial is mentioned look at Hughes body language..THIS IS Darrell Hughes LITTLE WORLD...


john said 18th June 2014.
Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman are SCUM...Ryanairdontcare Campaign will continue to protests against Ryanair recruitment.


Hazel said...

Thank you for writing this. I know it was a long time ago, but I knew Paul so I appreciate it. He was a school friend of my fathers, and me and my mum are very close to his wife and son. We never saw Paul much and when we received this news we knew why. Even today in 2017 I still resist the urge to spit on a Ryanair flight sign. We will never forgive them for what they did to Paul.

John Foley said...

Hi Hazel thank you for your comment.Yes it is very sad what happened to Paul.
For years I personally attacked Ryanair over this.The press never covered this which they should have.
I tried my best to attend the inquest but the authorities would not let me.
In my eye's senior management played a big roll in his suicide and they got away with it.
I did a protest at Manchester Airport one year after his death and the police officer
who was involved in dealing with Paul's death at the hotel, came up to me a shook my hind.
I did not know Paul but always think about him and would love those Ryanair Senior management involved to be held accountable. Darrell Hughes being the main bully towards Paul.
Video below confronting him in Dublin.

Can I ask did his close family know what Ryanair did to him.

John Foley said...

Let us hope this tragic death is told by mainstream media and people boycott Ryanair.

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Hi Hazel ,Hope your well.
Have a journalist who is interested in running a story on Paul Ridgard, would you be interested in speaking about it to them..Paul's story must be told.