15 Aug 2014


Ryanair have been wrecking the lives of young cabin crew since 2004 when a David Bonderman got involved and became chief..Charging new cabin crew recruits up to 3000 Euro with up to 60% being terminated under 12 months before any legal employment protection is in place...  

Ryanairdontcare Campaign's facebook page was sent a comment which was shocking but  expected from Ryanair..
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Mike Harris


Anonymous said...

They have a rule and they would not break it?

Kind of not their fault when the person booking did not bother to check the terms.

Sad because of the illness and all but tough....

Anonymous said...

Every time I read the story of Paul Ridgard , my heart just breaks over and over again. As a ex Cabin Crew for RYR, I can confirm and support the tragedy that comes with the unfair mental and psychological pressure that this company and its unprofessional and uneducated management and sub- management , inflict in each individual Crew Members. I was diagnosed with depression after few years working at RYR and they try to fire me and bullying me while I was sick! Paul Ridgard represent just each one of us, he just could not cope any longer with the cruel, cold, calculative , manipulative and antisocial, criminal approach of a this " Tacky , Improper Company". Many years ago I was desperate to get a job and could not get any " Proper , Professional Airline " to hire me , as I did not have the basic two years experience required. I decided that RYR was the only hope to get in the Industry in Ireland.
I remind you that Dublin Airport is the only Airport in Ireland that can offer some work opportunity with RYR, Aer Lingus or City Jet only base Airlines.
This country is very small and widely corrupted and very easy for RYR Gangs to dominate and control the market with the help of their friends in the Government seats. I end up stay 5 years. During and after RYR no “Proper “ company would hire me.
I realized that working at RYR, do not give you the necessary skills a “PROPER “airline requires.
John Foley is right in his fight for the truth! RYR recruits anyone, with no regards to the basic Cabin Crew requirements. They overlook all the important personal skills a person should embody to be able to face the job. RYR just want NUMBERS! This number is constantly recruited as they are the FINANCIAL CORE of this company. They don't survive because people fly more with RYR that any other Airline in Europe, they survive because hundreds of new recruits PAY RYANAIR TO WORK.
In the end it’s one choice to go for RYR, and the same choice I was forced to make to survive. Ultimately NONE will hire you coming out of Ryanair,( unless you truly own the real skills of a cabin crew, and many of my colleagues now are coming from RYR, but are the very best and gone though selective process, physical, mental and academicals) because you will still have not the required Standard skills to become a Real Cabin Crew. Plus Other Airlines view Ryanair as Cheap and Unprofessional and You will indirectly represent them even after you left! The chance is that you will get fired unfairly and none will hire you because of that. Paul will be never forgotten and one day I believe that “CAUSE AND EFFECT" will discharge is unforgiving power against this bunch of uneducated gangsters and we will see the end to it.
I have absolute indestructible faith!!
Respect yourself, Go and get a REAL Cabin Crew Job. Emirates, Ethiad, Thompson .Young recruits are being used to support RYR financial needs. Only YOU pay RYR bills at the end of the Mont and never EVER have a penny for yourself. NO HOPE.
This is my story you can choose yours.
Remember: Paul Ridgard.