4 Mar 2015


The true SCAM involving the Ryanair on board charity scratch card which is making millions each month for senior members of management at Ryanair..
Ryanair have been selling this charity scratch card for 10 years with very little going to charity..
In 2013 with sales of €16.2 million at Ryanair only €55,000 was given to charity,with €20,000 going to Jack & Jill Foundation who by the look of their website http://www.jackandjill.ie/ do a great job provides direct funding to families of children with brain damage.Jack & Jill Foundation's CEO is a man called  Jonathon Irwin who is a former employee of RYANAIR. KEEPING it in the club then Mr O,Leary.....

You will see below the total amount of money given to charities and winners in 2013.. 
Charity Scratch Card winners...
1, 13th March 2013 car given out by Ryanair.
2, 17th May 2013 4 cars given out by Ryanair.
3, 25th June 2013 car given out by Ryanair.
4, 26th September 2013 4 cars given out by Ryanair.
5, 12th December 2013 3 cars given out by Ryanair.
Total number of cars won and given out as prizes in 2013 by Ryanair was 13.....At a car retail price (which Ryanair get at a wholesale price or free for advertising the cars) = €195,000....

Charity money given to charities from the Scratch Card.
Charity money given by Ryanair in 2013 to Charities from Charity Scratch Card...
1, 22nd May 2013 gave  €25,00 to Spanish Foundation "Pequeño Deseo" ("Small Wishes")
2, 3rd September 2013 gave €10,000 to Naomi House and Jacksplace.
3, 18th December 2013 gave  €20,000 to Jack & Jill Foundation.
Total amount given to charities in 2013 was €55,000.

€15+ million profit going in the pocket of senior Ryanair management in one year... TIME TO BOYCOTT THE RYANAIR SCRATCH CARD..

Reference.. http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/ryanair-scratch-card-charity-scam55000.html

 Pictured and information above of crew member José Ferreira who is based in Dublin has been removed at his request.
PLEASE remember cabin crew are paid less than €25 for this 1 hour 40 minute Cologne flight..

 Added below on 8th November 2015.
 Post from January 2014 below.

Daily Mirror newspaper article below regarding the above. 


Michael O'leary is laughing all the way to The Bank Of Ireland (not to be trusted) who
are involved in many scams involving Ryanair..
The brains behind the scams at Ryanair is David Bonderman of TPG Capital ,Michael O'learys boss who is responsable for the highest level of Termination of new recruited cabin crew at Ryanair for profit which involves over 10,000 young people.Mr Bonderman worked in civil rights for attorney generals office in the USA ''hypocrite''..

  Scum bag David Bonderman with Daniel Craig                                 


Gavin Evans said...

Ryanair, I love your flight services and your cheap prices but give something back you miserable lot! You are a hugely successful and cash rich airline so do your bit for society!

Anonymous said...

flight from DUB to CGN takes about 2h, if you are posting something please stick to the facts!!!! People, if someone doesn't like the job, quit and get a life. there are people working for FR for years now. I just feel sorry for the author

Anonymous said...

I´m the person in the picture...first i was very happy in that moment for your information!!! If you didn´t like my smile i don´t care!! Glad that you are a man!! Please remove my picture and get a life!!! I´m proud to work for Ryanair or Crewlink in my case!! CGN takes 2 hours plus the way back, but i´m not going to tell you my salary or you gonna be surprised!!! So...once again...remove my picture from this blog of lies!!

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Hi José,i will remove the information about your smile and thank you for informing me of flight time.I am glad you are happy working at Ryanair and my intention is not to upset cabin crew.Even though your photo was placed over the internet by Ryanair i will remove it at your request.As you will see the main topic is about the Ryanair scratch card profit that Ryanair keep.You should feel sorry for the terminated probationary cabin crew are not me.Thank you for your comment.

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Jose Ferreira is happy working at Ryanair and seems to be happy with his pay.He is going off topic as the post is about Ryanair charity scratch card..He might be happy at Ryanair and happy with his pay, as he could have been directed to comment here by Ryanair..As for Crewlink who are one of two shell companies set up by Ryanair,(workforce international being the 2nd shell company) they have terminated well over 10,000 young cabin crew in 11 years all paying over £2000 to train.That works out 75 cabin crew terminations a month from one Ryanair shell company of two...Profit is priority and large turnover of cabin crew keeps the per hour rate of pay active..Even if people fly Ryanair which is their choice please stop buying this charity scratch card which is generating millions £ each year for senior management at Ryanair with less than 1% going to charity and new recruited cabin crew exploited more.