5 Jun 2015


 A former Ryanair Pilot has been in contact with Ryanairdontcare Campaign regarding his court case against Ryanair.If there is any Ryanair crew wishing to contact Erik hius details are below.

 Email from former Ryanair pilot Erik Fengler.
Dear Jonny,

my name is Erik Fengler from Germany. I used to work for Ryanair under a Brookfield Contract a couple of years ago. Fortunately I quit. I am currently suing Ryanair for various reason e.g. being recognized as an employee and not paying social contributions etc.. I have a number of lawyers and also I was participating some German TV shows trying to bring attention to the public to this matter.
So far the trial is running very well for us since we have a lot of support and evidence and the judge is on our side.

The 2nd trial day will be held in Germany close to NRN on the 1st of July.

I am writing you because I coincidentally found your site and thought we could eventually share some information. If you would like to get in contact with me feel free to reply this email or text or call me. You can also spread this information and or my contact details to anyone interested in this as well.

I really hope to achieve a precedent in this case which would help a lot of my former colleagues and therefore I really think that it is very important to find as many people as possible so that we can support each other.

All the best and hope to hearing from you soon

Erik Fengler

John said,
Thank you Erik and good luck in your case..

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