15 Jul 2015



No other airline charges (up to €3500) for training. You will also be charged €25 a month for your uniform. You only get paid for the time you are flying and you will be required, under pain of dismissal, to work several unpaid hours a day. There is no limit in the contract on the days you will be required to serve on standby for just €35 a day at the airport, and unpaid at home (when you will have to report within an hour, in uniform, of getting a phone call). Although you will get a contract, it does not gurantee you any minimum earnings and, despite signing it, the company you work for (an agency and not Ryanair) doesn't have to give you any work. Your chances of being employed direct by ryanair are very slim. Many kids don't get any work for weeks over the winter - all unpaid.

You have a minimum 10% chance (some say 30%, others more) of getting sacked before you complete your first year. You can be sacked for not selling enough on the aircraft. You can also get the sack for being sick. As many kids leave in disgust because of bullying as are sacked. They don't give you your last month's commission if you get sacked - the company keeps it. They may also deduct €1300 New Joiner's Fee from your last wage-packet plus any money owed for uniform, training, etc. I met a French girl in tears at Dublin airport after she was unexpectedly summoned from Brussels to be sacked. She got a phone call the night before to come to Dublin via Italy (the only flights Ryanair could arrange). There was no warning. She was expecting a last pay-cheque of €1500, she got €120. And the day she wasted travelling to Dublin via Bergamo and back was, of course, unpaid. If you are sacked - don't sign anything - you are signing away your right to sue them for wrongful dismissal.

There is absolutely no guarantee that you will be based in Dublin - you can just as easily end up in Poland.

Don't waste your money on this dreadful company. They have the greatest turnover of cabin crew of any airline in Europe.

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