22 Sep 2015

RYANAIR CHANGE Annual General Meeting 24th September 2015 BECAUSE OF PROTESTER..RYANAIRDONTCARE CAMPAIGN..See You Soon Michael O'Leary..

Ryanair Holdings plc
 Held their Annual General Meeting on
September 25th 2014 at their new head
office Airside Business Park Swords 
Co Dublin Ireland at 9am.
Ryanairdontcare Campaign staged a peaceful protest highlighting the foul treatment of Ryanair management towards cabin crew that are recruited and contracted through Ryanair SHELL company Crewlink Ireland who conduct a per hour rate of pay SCAM on their cabin crew.You can see the videos of this protest below.

Ryanair Holdings plc
 Will hold their Annual General Meeting on 24th September 2015 (not at their new head office) at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin, Ireland at 9am.
           '' LOCATION CHANGED ''
John said,
Sorry to alter your AGM plans Mr Bonderman and Mr O'Leary ( NOT ) .Due to the high level of Ryanair security guards in the past AGM's, the assaults towards me at these peaceful protests, i am glad to inform Mr David Bonderman and Mr Michael O'Leary '' SEE YOU AT THE Radisson ''
I would hope the Gerda (Irish Police) would show a duty of care towards me which has been lacking at these AGM protests over the years.
Assaulted by Ryanair security on two separate Ryanair AGM protests, arrested,placed in the airport police cell till AGM had finished.
Protest VIDEOS to follow next post...Six years and still protesting strong..

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