30 Nov 2015


Tragic message below which we received from a mother who was about to join Ryanair as cabin crew but changed her mind thanks to Ryanairdontcare Campaign and send us a kind message.

Hi there, I just want to say a big thank you for bringing this all to light.I had been for my interview and explained why I was not in work for the passed 5 years due to my son undergoing heart surgery and that he had recently passed away they told me then I had the job and I deserved a better chance in life, even though I was very disheartened by the comments on your page I am also very grateful to have found it before I struggled to pay the fees to be promised a life changing experience... So here's a big THANK YOU!

John said,
 Sorry for your tragic loss of your son and it must be so hard for you but thank you for your message.
Ryanair's recruitment shell companies ask for 5 year work history.

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