25 Jan 2016

RYANAIR Automated External Defibrillator & Training CABIN CREW MUST PAY ''Not Ryanair''....DEATH OF PASSENGERS Make RYANAIR PROFIT..SHOCKING.

GREAT NEWS Which will save lives but Ryanair charge cabin crew  for Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and training.

25 Jan 2016

Due to a Petition set up by David Makinson which has been signed by 29,494 members of the public Ryanair have bowed down to the pressure and now carry Automated External Defibrillator.The post below is from David Makinson.

CONFIRMED: Ryanair now carry AEDs on all flights.


Ryanair cabin crew training through their SHELL company Crewlink Ireland Ltd was €1,849.00.Now that new Ryanair recruits must be trained in Automated External Defibrillator and these machines must be paid for,you guessed it,Ryanair are charging cabin crew for this AED and training.

       Reduced course fee of €1,849.00 if you pay in advance..

How much is the training course now AED,s are on board Ryanair aircraft.Reduced course fee of €1,999.00 if you pay in advance.
RYANAIR Are Charging CABIN CREW an extra  €148 for this Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training.
How low will Michael O'Leary steep to make money. 


Crewlink operates a very simple and easy fee structure to help you on your way to a Flying Career:

NO FEES are charged until you have completed the interviews and you decide to undertake the training course at the HTC.

You have 2 Payment Options:-
Option 1
  • ‘Pay in Advance’ - Registration Fee of €500.00 in order to confirm your place on the training course, reduced course fee of €1,999.00 plus accommodation costs of €700.00 to be paid 3 weeks before course commencement.
Option 2
  • 'Pay by Deduction' - Registration Fee of €500.00 in order to confirm your place on the training course, course fee of €2,599.00 will be deducted from salary. Accommodation cost of €700.00must be paid 3 weeks before course commencement. 
In order to confirm your place you are required to pay a non-refundable Registration Fee of €500.00,which includes:-
  • Manuals, ID Processing, Medical Examination, Materials (no food).
  • The Registration Fee is non-refundable to ensure trainees commit fully to the training course.
  • If you FAIL, there are NO more Course Fees. Any Course Fee paid will be refunded.
  • If you PASS, there are no further charges, once your Course Fee has been paid in full.

'Careers Take Off with Crewlink'