29 Feb 2016


                                                                                                                 John Foley

                                                                                                                 Liverpool UK

                                                                                                                 1st March 2016

                                                                                      E mail; jonnyjade@yahoo.co.uk

Dear Mr O'leary/David Bonderman,

Mr O'Leary's emailed letter dated 26th February 2016 was truly a pleasure to receive.

You start off your letter saying ''your campaign was not of any concern to Ryanair'', which is laughable Michael.
You seem to forget the 120 blog posts that Ryanair had to pay Google to delete posts from www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com which covers a wide range of exploitation involving Ryanair's probationary cabin crew,plus the Ryanair news first page on Google which was a concern for Ryanair.

Ryanair's Juliusz Komorek letter to google to refresh your lost memory Michael is below.As you can see it is not private or confidential anymore.You might want to ask Juliusz to contact google again asking for my blog posts that relate to your on board charity scratch card scam (which generates £millions each year with less than 1% going to charity) to be deleted.



Juliusz Komorek letter to google.

STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL Re: Ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com 

Dear Sirs,

Ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com (“Ryanairdontcare”) is an anti-Ryanair site, which promulgates false and defamatory statements about Ryanair’s aircraft safety, operating procedures and crew employment conditions, both directly and also through the libcom.org blog. We are extremely concerned that Google has recently promoted this misleading and defamatory site by giving it prominence on the Ryanair page on Google News. The Ryanairdontcare blog was established by Mr. John Foley. It is not the first blog Mr. Foley has had and in fact a similar abusive blog by Mr. Foley, located at a marginally different address, ryanairdontcare.blogspot.com, was closed down by Google on 13 May 2011. Mr. Foley also had a site at www.irishaviationauthority.com which has been suspended. Mr. Foley developed his misguided grudge against Ryanair when his daughter had her probationary employment terminated (by one of our contract agencies) in November 2008 following the first seven weeks of her probationary employment due to repeated absenteeism. Ever since Mr. Foley has pursued an increasingly erratic and dangerous campaign to publicly defame Ryanair. This campaign has included stunts such as unsafe trespass on the roof of Liverpool Airport, trespass across the track at Cheltenham race course in March 2011 (endangering himself, the horses and jockeys) and more recently handcuffing himself to the goalposts at an English Premiership match in Goodson Park. As a result of these extremely dangerous stunts the UK police and court services have issued Mr. Foley with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (copy as posted on Mr. Foley’s blog available on request) which will be the subject of a court hearing on 24 April next. Ryanair has not taken legal action against Mr. Foley because he has no resources and it would only serve to give him more publicity for his senseless and defamatory campaign. Ryanairdontcare’s completely untrue claims, which mainly denigrate Ryanair’s aircraft safety, operating procedures and crew employment, also include allegations of suicide and depression among our employees.


You say many of the students who trained with my daughter in 2008 continue to be employed by or fly with Ryanair.The 80+ students who took this Ryanair cabin crew training in two different groups through St James Management Services, who's involvement in Ryanair's cabin crew apprenticeship Scam with M2 Training, both companies being dissolved thanks to my campaign.

These many students you talk about that still work at Ryanair are contracted through your shell company Crewlink Ireland Ltd. Ryanairdontcare Campaign have full contact details of each person who took this training with my daughter and i can prove your lying Michael.

As for blackmail Michael, i think you need to have a word with your employee who you sent out to speak to me about ending my campaign at last year’s AGM.

This employee seemed like an honest guy and i have no reason to doubt what he said to me.I must add Michael; it was pleasing that a shareholder mentioned me at your AGM and let us hope same this year.As for the implied threat or financial gain your saying i said, the financial penalties given to me by the Irish courts for my Ryanair protests in Dublin are much more effective for my protests to continue. It has been a long four years having been given a ASBO / Restraining order which is coming to a close in May, in my option Michael it was not the right form of action for UK courts to take but was related to the Olympic games.

You are right Michael my daughter has moved on as many thousands of terminated young people who fall foul of Ryanair's Recruitment for Termination policy have and will continue to do so.

As for me, a father is there to protect his children from dangers in life and what Ryanair/Crewlink/St James did I had no way of stopping it. Myself moving on as a father might take seven more years.


              ''Doomed To Fail Michael''


John Foley


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