22 Mar 2016


The three maydays in 2012 through low fuel at Ryanair clearly showed profit is priority at Ryanair.
Not only do Ryanair stoop so low as to push the on board charity scratch card scam as a way in helping poor sick children with cancer and giving under 1% of sales to charity,clearly profit is priority.
We know have Ryanair trying to profit from the Brussels attacks.
Ryanair today denied a Merseyside politician's claims it was “trying to make profit” from the Brussels attacks.See the report below.

           ''Profit at Ryanair is priority'' 
with  Ryanair's management working very hard in charging people a premium price to get home from Belgium.Do not take Ryanairdontcare's word for it look at the comments from twitter 

    Bill Esterson Retweeted Cllr BarrieGrunewald
    My office is trying to get hold of they need to help people get home from Brussels, not make demands
    Bill Esterson added,
  1. Vile money grabbing company is trying to make profit out of tragedy - should be totally ashamed of yourself!
Brussels attacks: Ryanair charging British tourists in city £214 to get home Ryanair is charging of a group of 28 British passengers in Brussels nearly £6,000 in total to change their flights to this evening. The Belgian capital has been hit by two major…

Let us not forget the three Ryanair maydays in 2012 which was blamed on Ryanair saving money on fuel and the death of a Ryanair pilot Paul Ridgard in 2011.
Clearly showing Ryanair's priority is profit.

Paul Ridgard Suicide
 Paul Ridgard Suicide


 Scratch Card Scam.

 John said,
The public and politicians seem to be shocked that Ryanair don't care about people.Priority at Ryanair has always been profit at any cost.That is why Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been exposing many scams inside Ryanair with the Termination of thousands of new recruited cabin crew bringing in the most profit through the per hour rate of pay scam.



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Never will I book with Ryanair again

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This has to be the loneliest corner of the internet.

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! :)