27 Jul 2016


john said, Today Inspector Richard Phillibrown from Essex Police in charge of policing at Stansted Airport asked Police Officer Tuck from Stansted Airport to call Ryanairdontcare Campaigner John Foley. At 3.28pm Officer Tuck rang me asking for the surname of the guy who Ryanair/Crewlink sacked over the Fake cabin crew airport id cards. As people regularly viewing this blog will be aware,on Thursday 21st July 2016 letters got sent to Essex Police,UK Airports,Pilot Unions,Irish,English and European Aviation Authorities informing them of a serious issue regarding security at UK Airport. It is looking like Ryanair did not inform the UK Police about this Fake ID Scam and not only sacked employees responsible but have made it harder for these Ryanair cabin crew involved to renew their airport ID card. These cabin crew have either resigned or have been terminated and they did nothing wrong.Ryanair yet again trying to cover their tracks. Ryanair shell company Crewlink Ireland are involved in supplying Pilot and Cabin Crew airport ID cards with some (not sure how many) being FAKE. Ryanair are fully aware of this Fake airport ID card and have put passenger and Crews security and safety at Risk. A full UK police investigation is needed into this Scam. Time to boycott Ryanair who put profit over safety and security. Ryanairdontcare Campaign yet again exposing Scams involving Ryanair and would like to thank the people involved in helping me expose it. You know who you are. Thank You. Posted on Ryanairdontcare Campaign,s FACEBOOK group.. FAKE RYANAIR CABIN CREW ID CARD SCAM STANSTED AIRPORT... Chris Tonge from ID Department ,photo below has been sacked over this. Did Ryanair/Crewlink inform the British police about this. Here is the email reply you get when you inquire about Chris Tonge from Ryanair/Crewlink. Fake cabin crew ID cards did this include Fake pilot ID cards also ?.....This is a serious security issue.. Hi, I no longer work with Crewlink, for any queries regarding ID's please contact the below people. Full ID's - Eimear@crewlink.ie Temp ID's - Adriana@crewlink.ie New joiner Cabin Crew - Jordan@crewlink.ie New joiner pilot's - Kieran@crewlink.ie/denise@crewlink.ie Alternatively you can contact the office on 00353 1 8952065 Kind Regards Chris Tonge Crewlink ID Department .......................Chris Tonge Photo below.......

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