1 Aug 2016

GERMAN POLICE TAX RAIDS ON RYANAIR PILOTS.Michael O'Leary's Pilot and Cabin Crew Shell Companies Must Be NEXT?

GERMAN TAX RAIDS ON RYANAIR PILOT HOMES. ... The Ryanair Pilot Group have information that there are 101 Search Warrants currently in the hands of the German Police/Customs. A large number have not yet been executed and we expect the home raids to continue. John said, Brookfield Aviation and McNamara and Associates need to be investigated by the German Police..Ryanair exploit all crew at Ryanair.Profit priority not safety.If it was safety then "What about the Fake airport ID card a scam involving Ryanair at Stansted Airport".
Ryanair Staff memo warns that signing letter airing safety fears would be ‘gross misconduct'... http://ryanairbrookfielddontcare.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/ryanairs-cabin-crew-had-it-bad-wait-til.html

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