7 Sep 2016


Ryanair use paid newspaper editorials (adverts) to entice young cabin crew to join this recruitment process which is a scam. Ryanair set up shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International(through Dalmac ) to do their dirty work. Ryanair set up shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International to continue this recruitment scam of young cabin crew..Recruitment levels are down with some recruitment days being cancelled due to low attendance figures which is great news..Ryanair /Crewlink are paying for editorial which looks like a story but in real terms it is a paid advert..Do not be fooled as my 18 year old daughter was in 2008. Paid advert below. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/ryanair-looking-hundreds-new-cabin-11848546#ICID=FB-Liv-main You can see the paid editorial (advert ) in Liverpool rag the Liverpool Echo above.Here is Ryanair/Crewlink Chief cabin crew Scammer JUDY BYRNE who is now a millionaire as a result of scamming well over 10,000 young cabin crew for Ryanair since 2004. Not only is scum bad Judy Byrne making money on training fees but the per hour rate of pay Scam brings in €millions each year and is the main reason for these high levels of terminations..These young people are abused and left with nothing as a direct result of these terminations..This recruitment scam model has many involved with the Bank of Ireland a main one cos they control the MONEY.(I had contact with this bank over this and stopped them giving high loans to new recruits for this Ryanair cabin crew training)...The Irish government and the Irish Aviation Authority have been aware of this for years but do nothing. Who is paying who to keep this scam going?. As for the Irish Aviation Authority who are the law in the sky's for Ryanair, 6 former Ryanair employees now work for them. HAS THE PENNY DROPPED YET....
JUDY BYRNE Protested outside Liverpool echo for a week in 2013 over a Ryanair editorial paid for article that was used as a spin against a young lady Sophie from Liverpool who was mentioned in the House of Commons and Liverpool Echo did not print her story..Look at protest here. https://youtu.be/K5dnKQk1GGo

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