11 Feb 2017


Over the last month Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been contacted by a few young people wishing to join Ryanair.They have contacted our campaign for information regarding Crewlink Ireland Ltd (who Ryanair set up).. Hi John, "Since going to the interview back in December 2016 for crewlink. I am shocked after coming across John's blog, it's makes sence to me now why do crewlink recruit all the time because they get paid to do it and people leave the airline as apprently their is a high drop out rate. Lying to recruit people to be cabin crew, also how crewlink / Dalmac take your last month's wages once you're terminated (disgusting) & How much money they take from people week after week with the assessment days all they are thinking of is profit not the people who work for the airline and their best interests. it's shocking and disgraceful. I certainly! won't be doing the training course with crewlink / ryanair in March, & I say to anyone who is thinking of doing the training course and working for them... please read this blog first before making any decisions that come at a price.. of €2,700 Thank you John :) for spreading the word without me coming across your blog I would have been none the wiser. ....... Name witheld. .


Anonymous said...

The same crewlink scum happened to my daughter. She has lost €500 euros from her training registration fee after she received an email from Crewling asking her to provide all kinds of work and studies references for the last 5 years!!! She had 4 working days to provide that otherwise she could not start her training and she would loose the €500 advance fee. She called and emailed Crewlink explaining that they had not asked for a 5 year references before and she had no problem to provide them but 4 days was very short time. So she asked for a few days more to put all that together. She also suggested that she didn't mind to wait for the next training dates so she wouldn't have lost her money. Crewlink didn't accept that and they just said the €500 was a non refundable fee.!!!
This is a real scum to Robb young people of their savings and for some destroy their future career all for the sake of the company's profits!!!!
These are official robbers!!! They should not exist!! Boycott them!!!Real scum!!!

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Boycott Ryanair at all costs.Thank you for your comment.