23 Jun 2011


Dear reader,

You've been in touch with us over the past year about our Gizza Proper Job campaign and we now need your help getting something done about it.

We have found unfair cases of forced self-employment in all walks of life and across many different industries. We don't believe this has ever been properly researched before and the Government needs to know what is happening.

We want your stories of false self-employment, straight from the horse's mouth, to present to the Department for Business and other key figures in politics and Government.

Please find some time to write a statement for our dossier. We'll leave the wording of your statement entirely up to you but here are some areas you might like to cover:

* The name of your "employer", how long you worked for them and what your job entailed

* Describe a typical working day or week ... the hours, who allocated the work, who decided how the job was carried out and when

* How were you paid? Per hour, per job or commission only? How much did you typically earn? Were you able to set your own rate of pay? Did you pay your own tax? Did you earn above the minimum wage? Were any deductions made by your employers from your pay packet?

* How genuinely "self-employed" were you? Did you work for anyone else at the same time? Did you provide the tools or materials required for doing the job? Were you able to take time off? Were you treated differently from full-time employees, if any? Did you hire others to do your work for you? Could you send someone else to do the job on your behalf?

* Do/did you get sick pay, holiday pay? If you have left the job, did you get redundancy? What notice period were you given and how were you told the job was ending? How did this affect you?

* Do you have any choice about being "self-employed"? What do you think about the arrangement?

I need your full name and contact details to be sure your story is genuine but make a 100% guarantee that I will not pass them on to anyone else without your permission. Please mark clearly whether you want me to keep your name on the statement that I will be passing on to Business Secretary Vince Cable, Employment Minister Ed Davey and others in Westminster.

I am sorry this is an impersonal letter but we've heard from hundreds of supporters of our campaign and want each of you to contribute. If we don't tell the Government what's going on we can't blame them when they do nothing about it.

Best regards,

Nick Sommerlad

Daily Mirror
1 Canada Square
London E14 5AP
0207 293 3741

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