23 Jun 2011



On March 13th 2011 my daughter, previous postulation  at www.naukri.com receive by Internet, in Argentina , a proposal to relocate in the United Kingdom to work for 2 years in Ryanair. She send her Curriculum and Cover Letter to this supposed address of this company, receiving then an on-line interview which has been answered. Three days after she receive a Contract Agreement in character of Flight Attendant (Cabin Crew) with start work day dated on May 9th of the current year.
This company, Irish company, operates in many European bases, particularly in the Stansted Airport of London. Among other conditions it indicated that she had to pay the costs of processing the Visa and Work Permit, which would be refunded completely after short time of her arrive.
Also that she had to take contact with the Barrister Gill Adams (email: barristergill.adams@lawyer.com and gill.adams@gill-law.co.uk), who would be responsible of processing this documentation in the United Kingdom.
For that, she received some e-mails and calls of this supposed lawyer asking, most always with hurry, certain remittances of money to each one of the refered concepts, abruptly cutting with the conversations not giving place to questions or clarifications of doubts.
In some ocations, we have tried to take contact by phone with his (supposed) office, where they never answered the calls,
The two firsts remittances of Sterling Pounds were, as his order, sent by Western Union in name of Cole A. Williams as only data of the recipient.
Before the moment of sending the supposed last remittance of money, we have found that until further notice, Western Union had suspended the sendings to some countries included the UK, before what we have looked up for another company (Money Gram) which do the same, and wich has as a norm only transfer money to bank accounts, telling by mail to the “lawyer” Gill Adams about the involuntary mishap; he answer with bad manners by a new call of his part, angry because the situation, for what, after the unexpected catharsis, cut once again the call.
Some minutes after, he wrote an e-mail indicating that we send that money through Money Gram, but “in name of her secretary”: Nora Alexandra Godollei, account Nº 79819895, United Kingdom, IBAN 09012779819895, Santander Bank, BIC ABBYGB2LXXX sort code 090127, what we did although the doubts and suspicions in relation to a criminal attitude of his part, began to corrode us more.
In a determinate moment, he informs my daughter that all the documentation had been approved conveniently and that in not many days she would receive the ticket to be presented and taking the job. Since it was delayed, leaving a little margin to be presented to Ryanair the stipulated day by the contract, the Barrister Gill Adams send a new contract with a new date of starting work.
While this was happening we claimed for a copy of certificates of the officially approval of the managed documentation, which he has never answered or sent copies. It also hasn’t arrive the ticket, either, because we haven’t sent this last payment required.
Some days after, approaching again the term of the supposed start of activities of the “new” contract, he calls demanding an immediate payment of a large sume of Sterling Pounds because the documentation had been retained by the HM Revenue & Customs, being necessary this money to “unlock it”, pretending continue manipulating us with alleged deceivings and lies.
Of course that, giving the doubtful behaviour of this supposed lawyer and at that point of the circumstances, it has finished lighting the labor illusion of our daughter next that of the ingenuity of our family.

During the development of this process it has been absolutely impossible to take contact with the company Ryanair in the effect of confirming if in reality this “lawyer” was their representative or it was an imposter; their phones were never picked up, the only electronic address available is only in effect of publishing advertisements on their webapage.

Conclusion: 1) Ryanair unwittingly facilitates that this kind of illicits happen by not providing an email address and/or phone numbers to evacuate such doubts. 2) naukri.com should have to dispose of a control of the people that use their data base. 3) The cheater Barrister Gill Adams or Cole A. Williams is acting with impunity, even “representing” to many companies of other sectors of “recruitments” as you can easily corroborate on Internet. 4) With the information here provided, it couldn’t be hard to find out the truly identity of this individual, since a person with name, surname, number of account and document has withdrawn the payments referred above.

We ask publicly to the Britain authorities that investigate the criminal activities of this man and his accomplices that are acting with impunity in front of their noses.

To who can be interested, we dispose as proof, of a copy of the contracts, sendings of money, received mails, etc..

Please, help us disseminating this message to all your European contacts, particularly of England and Ireland and translating this into other languages.

John Said,
Above email was sent to RyanairDontCare to inform students wishing to be Cabin Crew....These people will take your money as Ryanair do with Training fee....

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