12 Jul 2011


RyanairDontCare Campaign have been informed Ryanair are asking contracted cabin crew to take 2 months unpaid leave...O'Leary and his management thugs are now asking for 5 months unpaid leave.
It amazes me who they can still recruit so many all year round.
The spin is this,RYANAIR want as many contracted cabin crew to leave to make way for probationary cabin crew....Very simple, contracted cabin crew are getting scammed like probationary cabin crew.
They say 100 aircraft will be grounded if contracted cabin crew do not take this unpaid leave...
Ryanair very soon going down ,down and down..
Ryanair have no loyalty or morals,SHAME ON BONDERMAN and O'LEARY...Time for you both to RESIGN....


Kampfbereit said...

I sure hopes O'Leary and his cronies will run out of business soon..."cheap" if you accept to be treated like cattle in "airports" in the middle of nowhere and carry NO LUGGAGE...Go to hell O'Leary, you mafia boss!
signed : a disgruntled former customer (victim of a scam by "thug air")

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kampfbereit for your comment,
To see Ryanair go out of business is not the answer
what we need is Ryanair's board and senior management to be sacked by Share holders which will stop the exploitation of crew and passengers getting scammed also...


Anonymous said...

No they wouldn't be missed. Couldn't have put it better myself, "Mafia boss"

Screw the horrible little swine.