16 Jul 2011


We are sad to inform our viewers that http://www.irishaviationauthority.com/ has been closed down by the powers that be.
This site was set up as a wake up call to the Irish Aviation Authority who have failed many times with regards safety and security issues at Ryanair.
Many PILOTS at Ryanair have contacted RyanairDontCare Campaign expressing  disbelieve that serious safety issues are being ignored by the IAA and for this reason the site went live in January 2011.
We promise to continue to voice our concerns with regards the IAA and we will build a new and better site in the future.
They can close down our sites,they can closed down our blogs but i reassure you all,RyanairDontCare Campaign will continue to protest against RYANAIR 24/7.

Over 25,000 people viewed http://www.irishaviationauthority.com/ site which is a great achievement for a Campaign that Michael O'Leary continues to say ''doomed to fail ''.
http://www.ryanaircabincrewjobs.com/ is still active for now and has had over 50,000 hits since 2010.

http://www.ryanairdontcare.blogspot.com/ which was closed down this year also had over 20,000 hits and this blog and http://www.ryanairbrookfield.blogspot.com/ which are still active have had over 12.000 hits so far.
In total our RyanairDontCare Campaign  have had over 100.000 viewers to all sites and blogs and we are not selling anything O'LEARY the abuser......
We believe a minimume of 2% of these hits will never fly Ryanair again ,that is 2000 flights..If 50% never fly Ryanair.........50.000 flights.............
Bonderman and O'Leary ''DOOMED TO FAIL'' are you sure.

John Said,
I would hope to have reached over 200.000 hits to our RyanairDontCare Campaign by December 2011
and wish to thank all viewers to our Campaign.....''PLEASE PASS OUR SITE ON''

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