14 Sep 2011


Email send to Daniels Silverman yesterday from RyanairDontCare Campaign...


Dalmac StJames Ryanair training dept.



Dear  Daniels silverman,
I was at your office in Liverpool a few months ago regarding Ryanair Terminated Cabin Crew Training dept.
As well as StJames Management i have been informed your working with Dalmac/Worforce in recovering this training Dept also.
Ryanair use Crewlink,Dalmac,StJames and Cavok to recruit and Ryanair train these students wishing to become Cabin Crew.
RyanairDontCare Campaign was set up 3 years ago to fight Exploitation,recruitment for Termination at Ryanair which is wrecking so many young lives,which are  these students you are chasing for this training Dept.
I would hope you would consider our campaign  http://www.ryanaircabincrewjobs.com/  http://www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com/  and hopefully not deal with these companies above please.
As i have asked and maybe you feel my points are not worth your attention.
Action RyanairDontCare Campaign will do,
1, Protest with others at your Liverpool office.
2, Leaflet drop
2, Start a Anti Daniels Silverman Blog which will get many hits on Google as most of your business is Internet based.
3, Set up a website which will be Anti Daniel Silverman and will have many hits on Google as most of your business is Internet based.
4, I am 100% committed to our campaign which can lead to higher profile protests at all your offices.
John Foley
RyanairDontCare Campaign
Reply from Daniels Silverman today
StJames Ryanair training dept
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email: Elizabeth.Keeley@danielssilverman.co.uk
web: http://www.danielssilverman.co.uk/
tel: 0151 707 6061
fax: 0151 707 6062
Daniels Silverman Limited
210 Queens Dock Commercial Centre
Norfolk Street
L1 0BG
Dear Mr Foley,
Thank you for your email received yesterday. Your concerns have been noted and I have passed your comments on to my manager to review.

Elizabeth Keeley
Account Manager
Litigation Department
Registered Office : Castle Chambers, 43 Castle Street, Liverpool L2 9TL
Company No. 3998129
VAT No. GB 636 6349 17
John Said,
Today 14th September 2011 i did a protest outside Daniels Silverman in Norfolk Street Liverpool...I do hope they listen to our issues regarding Young Probationary terminated Ryanair cabin crew Dept....Letters will be sent to all Directors soon....


Anonymous said...

Daniels Silverman don't listen to anything anyone tells them.

Anonymous said...

They will do once i blog details......................

john foley