11 Sep 2011


Below is a comment place on our pilot blog today by a Ryanair Pilot of all days,9/11. 

Thank you for this post.

As we can see the dictatorship has ended in Egypt and is now ending in Libya. While Europeans seem not to be able to stand united enough to end up the dictatorship of O’Leary and his buddies. The expression “dictatorship attitude” is a very good and accurate description of the managements approach to pilots.
It is actually embarrassing that we in Europe choose to put up with it. And it is even more embarrassing that a very small gang – management controls and abuses lives of over two thousand highly qualified professional pilots.
Thank you John for standing up for us as obviously we cannot stand up for ourselves. 

John said,
Directed at all Ryanair Pilots.....Ryanair  Annual General Meeting at
The Radisson Hotel, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin, Ireland on September 29, 2011 at 10.00 a.m is the opportunity to face your demons.Ryanair Management and the Corrupt Ryanair board who are only interested in lining their own pockets at the sake of you PILOTS, living in fear of termination,exploitation and  stress levels which has cost Paul Ridgards life.
Time must come when you must all stick together and send a strong message to Ryanair Management and stop thinking of your own..RyanairDontCare Campaign was set up 3 years ago as a direct result of what Ryanair did to my child...3 years on and my commitment  to RyanairDontCare Campaign is even stronger not because of just my child but as a direct result of all probationary cabin crew getting their lives damaged, by the Abusers RYANAIR....
Protests will continue and what better place for a Ryanair Pilot and cc peaceful protest at this AGM on 29th September 2011 when re-election of the following Director - David Bonderman - Michael O'Leary -  James Osborn..Letting shareholder at this AGM now how you all feel............Do not walk on the other side,join together and send a strong message to shareholders to give Bonderman and O'Leary a NO Vote..............I will be there as i was last  year but time now for others to unite with me in SOLIDARITY, Ryanair management need a lesson, DIGNITY and RESPECT......''On 29th''.

Photos of the Ryanair AGM Protest at the Radisson hotel entrance Dublin Airport 2010...One hour 40 minutes of hotel security trying to take down the banner which they never achieved thanks to my total commitment which will be the same 2011.


Anonymous said...

John, I just wanted to say how deeply grateful I am for your campaign and your persistent effort to make people aware of what is going on. I wish more people had this courage and determination.

Anonymous said...

Get a life ffs! Go get a job. P.S. Not going to Wembley anymore BANNED!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey John, Saw you at the game last night on the internet. Glad to see more people like yourself stand up for what they believe in. Don't let them get you down.


Gareth, Australia