2 Oct 2011


Above is the last letter off Michael O'Leary the mouth of Ryanair in answer to my letter of  8th September.Click on photo to read...

                                                                                            8th September 2011
Ryanair Head Office
Dublin Airport

Dear Mr O’Leary and Mr Bonderman,

In reply to your correspondence of 29th August 2001.

Firstly I ask again for an Independent Investigation into my daughter’s recruitment, employment and termination at Ryanair in 2008.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign was originally set up regarding Sarah’s termination at Ryanair in 2008.After being contacted by so many young probationary ryanair cabin crew who had also been terminated a pattern started to develop, being the reason why I refer to other probationary ryanair cabin crew. Ryanair’s  recruitment literature on your careers section of www.ryanair.com clearly states, successful completion of probation makes you eligible for a position directly employed with Ryanair after 6 months.Do you have a percentage of this vast majority you talk about in your correspondence Mr  O’Leary………..
Your claim that I continue to ignore facts are not true Mr O’Leary.
CREWLINK and StJAMES were set up by Ryanair or Ryanair family members as a way to commercially abuse, not only my daughter but many young people all over Europe wishing to become cabin crew.
Ryanair are guilty of wrecking so many young peoples career in aviation for profit, I hold you Mr O’Leary and David Bonderman  (TPG Capital co founder)  responsible.

Your continues boastful claims to employ so many thousands of probationary cabin crew each year, is your way of convincing Governments of not only high tourism levels but employment levels of so many young people all over Europe as probationary cabin crew for Ryanair. Termination levels you seem to hide away from even thought Mr McNamara stated a 30% level of Crewlink probationary contracts were terminated in 2008 but failed to include DALMAC/WORKFORCE.
Termination levels of cabin crew either contracted or probation are the highest in Europe if not world wide, to which you and Mr Bonderman should be ashamed of.
Your boastful comments of the Joe Duffy show in January 2011, is a very clear boast, even though you state 2500 Ryanair trained cabin crew are on your Ryanair waiting list for employment but Ryanair continue to have up to 30 recruitment days each month this year from CREWLINK, DALMAC, StJAMES and CAVOK….Recruiting for training fee’s Mr O’leary which leads to Recruitment for Termination.

Ryanairdontcare Campaign will continue to protest as stated in my past correspondences, also as a way of informing young new recruits of the faults of recruitment, employment and termination as probationary cabin crew at Ryanair, which you have failed to address either in person or in your correspondences.
It gives me great pleasure that yet again your repeated reference to ‘’failed campaign’’ and now ‘’pointless protests’’ are your way of talking down the success of Ryanairdontcare Campaign.
Things have changed and will continue to do so, mainly the Allied Irish Banks decision to cancel the Ryanair cabin crew training loan as a direct result of information Ryanairdontcare Campaign gave to Dan O’connor. No terminated probationary cabin crew at Ryanair in 2011 will be left with a huge bank training dept, in some cases amounting to thousands of Euros.
Ryanair have no more quick training payments from the AIB which will lead to lower recruitment levels.

Sarah’s attendance issues, termination and paper proof evidence given to me by Ryanair are  incorrect, being the reason for my request for an Independent Investigation.
Protests in Dublin will be a priority and intimidation or threats of violence through any person contacted to Ryanair will not deter my 100% committed Ryanairdontcare Campaign.

John Foley

RyanairDontCare Campaign     ‘’An Injury To One Is An Injury To All’’
John said,
As you can see O'Leary yet again did not answer my letter..This is the Ryanair game,they by-pass question they do not want to answer...I do not see any problem with things i have asked Mr O'Leary to which no answers have been given.Ryanair are running scared of our RyanairDontCare Campaign and are hiding behind a company called Crewlink who  Ryanair set up to Exploit so many young people all over Europe.
Time as come now for O'Leary himself to stop his contact with Ryanairdontcare Campaign's founder,John Foley (me) who's daughter at 18 was recruitment scammed by Ryanair.....You can not hide Mr Bonderman and Mr O'Leary,your AGM in Dublin was a great success for our RyanairDontCare Campaign PROTEST.
To see your face as i entered the room ''MICHAL'' was priceless.....
More protests to follow Ryanair management..........NO-FEAR- NO SURRENDER--How far would you go for your child------------ALL THE WAY....


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