6 Oct 2011


29th September 2011 at the radisson hotel,Dublin airport were the RYANAIR AGM took place.
All year we at RyanairDontCare Campaign have been blogging our intention to do a peaceful protest at this years AGM.In 2010 we staged a roof top protest which was a complete success at the same venue in Dublin Airport..photos here http://www.ryanaircabincrewjobs.com/ryanair_agm_protest_.html
Michael O'Leary and David Bonderman had invested in extra security guards.There were 5 security guards in place this year as in 2010 only 2 were there..McNamara the ''puppet'' at Ryanair told me in 2010 Ryanair new RyanairDontCare Campaign were coming but could not stop the protest,.still the roof top protest took place...2011 they new yet again RyanairDontcare Campaign would be protesting again against Europe's Greatest Training Robbers ''RYANAIR'' i even told Ryanair i would gain entry to the room were the AGM was taking place.....On the 28th the day before the Ryanair AGM at 5.30pm the airport Garda police had called me to ask was i intending to do a protest at the airport to which i informed them i was at 12 Oclock at the Ryanair head office.
I failed to inform the police at 10.45 i was planning a peaceful protest at the AGM first.
So the police and Ryanair new RyanairDontCare Campaign were coming to Dublin airport to protest against Ryanair wrecking so many young students live's,who's only fault was to become cabin crew at Ryanair.
I was arrested so i will not go into details on how i gained access to the AGM room but at 9.50 RyanairDontCare Campaign which is the world's No 1 anti Ryanair Campaign was in THE BUILDING...

The morning of the Ryanair AGM meeting at the radisson hotel police were to the rear and extra guards at the front of the hotel.Firstly i gained access to the door leading to the room were the AGM was taking place,2 guards were placed at this door so i decided to enter the room ''MY WAY'' .
At around 10.45 i was in the room of the Ryanair AGM behind a curtain were i could hear O'Leary giving his usual woeful interviews with the press.Out i came,RyanairDontCare Campaign were in the HOUSE..
It was such a great feeling seeing the expression on O'Leary's face,,,,,What a picture,''Michael'' Doomed to fail are we........
Banner,tshirt and a very large mouth on i went to protest.3 guards grabbed me and took me down but not for long,up i was again saying a few words to Michael ,to which he never replied ''NOT LIKE YOU TO BE STUCK FOR WORDS''MICHAEL''
O'leary ushered the press out of the room and i was taken to the ground again,at this point my photo was taken and i managed to still have my banner and open it was.At this point Stephen McNamara ''the puppet'' walked past me,looked at me and i gave him a few welcoming words.
Up i got again and the protest lasted about 4 minutes..I am not sure how many guards it took to remove me out of the room were the AGM was being held but i think it was 5.
Once outside i made a big mistake,i relaxed as i thought,JOB DONE but the guards had other plans.
I was taken down again with a lot  more force, face down with my hands behind my back.3 guards were putting their full body wieght on my back,one kneed me in the side which stated me gasping for air.
At this point i could not breath and to be honest i thought of HILLSBOROUGH,how the 96 must have died,crushed with no way to breath.
I manage to carm myself down and breath bit by bit for about 3 minutes.After 5 minutes the Garda arrived and i was arrested,not sure what for.On leaving the hotel i shouted to the Ryanair management team who had by this time gathered outside of the back of the hotel, ''SEE YOU NEXT YEAR GUYS''.
I was kept in the police station at Dublin airport for 2 hours and released with no charge.
Strong message to Bonderman,O'leary and all senior management at Ryanair, you could not stop RyanairDontCare's peaceful protest and may this continue...All you exploiters and bully boys,you can run but you can not hide....RyanairDontCare Campaign ''NO FEAR''.

I would also like to thank members of Solfed who sent text support on the morning of the AGM protest.
Thank you so much....

John said,
Had some bad bruises all over my body which is to be expect..Ryanair tried to stop RyanairDontCare Campaign getting into the Ryanair AGM meeting and  ''Michael O'leary & David Bonderman failed misrable''


Anonymous said...

Dear John, What a great post!!! I couldn't stop laughing. I congratulate you.
When you went out from behind the curtain and O'Leary's face. I think this is the best part.
I am sorry for how security guards treated you and for the bruisers.
God, I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes.

Anonymous said...

What a pity the press didn't take photos. These could have been photos of the year. So that's why O'Leary removed them from the room.
The photo from the Rob Mac's protest was nominated for an award in 2008.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No guts, no glory John. Well done!

diup said...

Well done & be careful.

Anonymous said...

John so who took the photo? The press or Ryanair?

Anonymous said...

Seems like AGM is the best opportunity for organising a protest. Take bodyguards with you next year. It was great fun reading this story :)))

Anonymous said...

World's No 1 anti Ryanair Campaign! Brilliant!