14 Jan 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign wish to thank Georg for the generous donation which was sent to Ryanairdontcare Campaign today...This donation was sent to help continue direct action protests against Europe's Greatest Exploiters of Young People ''Ryanair...After the sad news yeaterday of a death of a Ryanair cabin crew,today some kind words of support for the work Ryanairdontcare Campaign are doing and  a donation...

John said,
A very big thank you Georg.Your generous donation will go towards the next direct action protest...Wish there was more like you..

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Anonymous said...

Any wealthy people with a conscience? Once many moons ago Tarzan (that evil Tory grandee Michael Heseltine) gave £12500 to charity. A pretty sum you may think and the media made a big fuss about the his generosity and altruism. Funny thing was that the chap is actually a bilionaire and makes £20 a second from his investment portfolio. Look him up if you don't believe me. The reason I'm making a fuss about this is it sticks in my mind after all these years. A nurse wrote a letter to the press - it was the Grauniad or Indie - and she quoted Tarzan's substantial earnings and worked out the equivalent proportional amount out of her annual salary - it was £3.26.

Well I gave John a tenner the other week because he deserves it. Give him a few quid if you can spare it. If you are Heseltine or of his ilk and you're reading this bob him £20000.

You probably won't because you'll tell us that this kind of campaign is the politics of yesterday and our class needs to put up and shut up. Prove us wrong please wealthy philanthropists. O'Leary maybe one of your wealthy "band of brothers" but he is a very "hostile" one at that.

Fling John some cash because this is a fight worth fighting if we want to see better labour conditions not just in the airline industry but the world over.