12 Jan 2012

Ryanair | Dalmac Training Course..SCAM'' 2012 CABIN CREW STUDENTS STAY AWAY FROM THIS ''SCAM...

As you can see from below from a group on facebook.Only two students have joined this Dalmac/Ryanair Cabin Crew Training group.The message is getting out there, Ryanair Cabin Crew Training is a scam and Ryanair will take all your money then Terminate you.....


John said,
This is great news for our Campaign...The word is out there big time.Recruitment in Scotland is down and this Dalmac/Ryanair training course looks very low in attendance thanks to Ryanairdontcare Campaign.
Thank you to all the helpers who are putting our Campaign out even more over the Internet...

Doomed to fail ''Michael'' are you sure....................

Recruitment days for January 2012 from Ryanair will not include the UK.....This is great news as last year Ryanair cabin crew recruitment was in Scotland and London.....Young students wishing to become cabin crew are staying away from Europe's Greatest Training Robbers..... Thanks to you all.....

Dalmac recruitment days in January 2012 to stay away from.

10.00Jan 14th 12Lisbon, Portugal
10:00Jan 14th 12Warsaw, Poland
10:00Jan 14th 12Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland
10:00Jan 21st 12Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland
10:00Jan 21st 12Gdansk, Poland
10:00Jan 28th 12Porto, Portugal

Crewlink recruitment days in January 2012 to stay away from

Milan Bergamo17/01/2012

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