3 Feb 2012


Ryanairdontcare Campaign will continue to contact any recruitment company which offers cabin crew training from Europe's Greatest Trainbing Robbers ''Ryanair''.Below is a reply from Jet in Liverpool.

Hi John

Thanks for the link – I have checked it and this was an old website we had when each JET office was a separate entity.
The Liverpool JET Service combined under one brand and one manager in 2008 – with one website.  

The page you have sent me relates to a recruitment drive for Ryanair in 2005. This matches with the details I have on our vacancy system, which shows a vacancy notified to us in Dec 2004, with a recruitment event at the Marriot Hotel in Speke (now the Crowne Plaza ) on 5th January 2005

That was the first time we advertised for Ryanair, with subsequent vacancies in March, May, June, August and November that year.
However, we have not advertised any vacancies on their behalf since 2005.

The last contact we had was in 2006 to invite Ryanair to a meeting as part of the overall expansion of John Lennon Airport .

We continue to support the Airport with recruitment, and other tenants there such as retail outlets, but have not had any vacancies for air crew since 2005.



Julia McNally
Employer Engagement Manager
Liverpool in Work
Regeneration, Liverpool City Council
3rd Floor, Millennium House, Victoria Street ,
Liverpool, L1 6JF

0151 233 5323

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