19 Mar 2012


As you can see the comment below was place today on our Ryanairdontcare Campaign's blog..

I  tried to join Ryanair with Crewlink back in nov. 2010. People here mentioned like Andrew Swan were all around. I'm not going to speak for others, I'll just let everyone know my experience.

The course is actually 3000 €, paying 1000 € in advance (not refundable whatsoever), getting "borrowed" the 2000 € remaining from your salary over the first sixth months of your contract. Completing successfully the course will give you the chance to sign a 3 year contract. Not for Ryanair but for Crewlink, the school. Once the 3 year agreement is over you'll be likely out because Ryanair doesn't really care about crew.

Now the course is all about one thing: pressure. Particularly in Hahn, standing temperatures up to -10┬║, right in the middle of nowhere (closest supermarket is right opposite the highway, so you have to cross it walking). Daily tests forcing you to reach a 85 % mark on every one of them. There are also two important tests, Initial and Conversion, requiring 85 % and 90 % mark on both. Otherwise they send you home.

Half of the students stay in a hotel with no kitchen, neither in common rooms nor in private ones. The other half stay in a tiny 2 room flat some km. far from the school.

Now what happened to me was really unfair. I have a visible tattoo on my right arm, and apparently is in their policies that employees should not have any visible tattoos. However they provide you grooming regulations in which is specified that tattoos may be covered with either plasters, bandages, make up... I hide it and then told them right after the Initial test (that was already a month since the course started), believing I could be fine. Nothing furthest from reality. They automatically removed me from the course, giving me 3 days to pack my things and buy a ticket back home by myself.

When I came back home and I rested a little, I contacted them along with my lawyer. It took them a week to answer me back with a letter saying that they considered the matter to be closed and they would defend any further legal action vigorously.

That's to say, they're freaking Ryanair and I'm only a crying baby with no chances to get my 1000 € back.

Funny to know that many Ryanair CC have huge visible tattoos.

It's also worth pointing out that many of my mates from the course have quit (about 20 of them, some very early) because of the unfair contract conditions.

I have nothing to say about teachers or the educational system they use because I have to recognise it was good though.

I don't really know if Ryanair employees usually have a bad time working there but I do know that there are other three Ryanair schools: St.James, Cavok and Dalmac. Anyone interested in becoming a CC shouldn't try with Crewlink.

And if you're reading this, Andrew Swan, I still remember you. Not in a good way.

Full article and comment here... http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/crewlink-ireland-are-ryanair.html?showComment=1332173648615

John said,
As you can see from the photo above....O'Leary the serial Exploiter will act in anyway to gain more publicity for Europe's Greatest Training Robbers Of Young People ''RYANAIR''.....Dignity and Respect for Ryanair Crew.....

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